My Personality Essay

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We shape our personality in many ways either it’s kids in the playgrounds, the values, neighborhoods, parents job, family problems, bullying, or siblings. Everyone is different some have more impact that other. The way children see the world by what’s around them, children see everything good or bad. Parents want what's best for their children, protecting them against the world but they will still grow up and learn what's really out there. It can help them be a better person to know what's right and wrong or it can confuse them more and wonder out the world. It builds up little by little they will have their own mind and their personality will grow.
In my childhood what influenced me the most is my older siblings because my parents
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So I kept getting bullies till I finish middle school. There was a point where I couldn't take it anymore where I got a blade and started cutting not deep just until I saw blood like if a kitten scratch me, then I started doing drugs every time I had a chance, and my grades drop so I was skipping class. I was a rock bottom wondering who I can turn to. Till one day my sister saw my hand with scars and she got scared and wanted an explanation, I told her it was nothing and try covering up the scars. She wanted to help me but she didn’t know how so she told my parents. My sister put her problems aside and was helping me out by guiding me through the light. It was a lesson for all of us, for me I had to learn to defend myself and not let other knock me down, for my family is to always talk to one another and not ignore the problem before it is too late. When that incident happen everything changed for me I started being more distant from people, always had a serious face, confront the bullies, and took classes for boxing. I stand up for myself I wasn’t going to go back to that dark place anymore. If it wasn't for the bullies I wouldn't learn how to defend myself and still be the shy girl in the
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