Short Story: Collide and Fall

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It was a typical day for Chad, going about the halls picking on every vulnerable person they saw, that was until he saw her. It was the first day in years Sophia had worn short sleeves, being scared that people might judge her for being ‘attention seeking’, but today she felt content with herself, brave enough to show people how strong she is. When Chad saw her scars, he realized every single one of these people had their own stories. That was the day Chad Willington had stood up to his friends. “Shut up, she’s just a girl trying to make it in high school and we are making it worst for her. So stop being such a typical jock and start being a good person. Everyone has their story that we don’t know about.” He then ran over towards Sophia, trying to save her from all this madness. “Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you had enough hard times as it is, I would’ve stood up to them earlier but I never really thought that people had their own stories.” “Its fine, I’m fine. Don’t care about me please, just get out while you can.” “Hey, Soph. You’re going to be alright.” That was the first time in years Sophia wanted to get out of this, I mean actually get out of it in a healthy way. Knowing that someone actually cares about her is comforting, it puts some comfort in her miserable life. Not only does Sophia look back to this on a daily basis, but so does Chad. Today during class, while Chad was thinking about this, the teacher had asked for a tutor for Sophia. Being at the top of the class, and wanting to help her so much, Chad volunteered to help. “Hey, Sophia do you want to meet at my house or yours for tutoring?” “Yours please.” She pleaded because her house was a constant reminder of what is wrong with her, a reminder of how depressed... ... middle of paper ... made me feel helpless. I never lost hope in her. I love her, she was my best friend and unannounced girlfriend. Every day I looked at her, I would notice something new, I came to love all these thing that no one else seemed to notice. I wish that I could’ve dug her out of this hole before it got too deep. I love you Sophia.” And he got off that stage managing to make her whole family cry as well as himself. He made a vow that day to go everywhere she wanted to and make a mark there. ‘Dear Sophia, I’m never leaving you. I love you. You mean so much, please don’t leave. We can get married and have 2 kids. Isn’t that what you want? I just want you to be happy, because where ever you are is where I’m most happy.’ This was the first thing he ever wrote to her, it was the day after he stood up for her so he put it into her coffin… Love really can happen at first sight.

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