The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

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Cancer affects Hazel Grace, Augustus Waters, and their families deeply, it represents the lost, hope, and surprise of cancer often, but this is not only true in books,it also affects people in real life, parents start to view their kids differently, and the children start to view themselves as nothing but disease, and the culture they once had starts to change. Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace each have their own struggles, Hazel suffers from thyroid cancer and is terminal, Augustus had been cured, but it popped back making his body full of cancer, he as well ending up with terminal cancer. Often organizations and people would give them a little bit more because they are kids who had inevitability of death to look to. They both having to deal with the fact that they never knew what was coming, or if Hazel would lose Augustus first or if Augustus will lose Hazel first, though eventually that fact became obvious. Their families treat them in a way if they were healthy, they wouldn’t be treated in such a way. In real life there are hundreds who suffer cancer, but less who are terminal. Families have to learn how to deal with this, especially when the person is an adolescent. There are point where The Fault in Our Stars shows how different society becomes for those with cancer, and this is true in real life. Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace experiences and cancer let us view the world of cancer for several. Hazel Grace, is a teenage girl who unfortunately suffers several of the cruelties of life, yet she is shining symbol of hope. Even though since she got diagnosed she quit school, her friends don’t exactly treat her like the girl she used to be she is as smart as can be, and kind at the same time. She has stayed alive lo... ... middle of paper ... cancer are.It talks about how confusing it is for them, even more so than it is for a normal teen most of the time. The words come straight from a book, making it a little more reliable than most .com websites. So for the most part it is a reliable source. Callaghan, Erin. "Achieving Balance: A Case Study Examination of an Adolescent Coping With Life-Limiting Cancer." 24.6 (2007): 334-339. Print. . It talks about those who live with terminal cancer and how they learn to deal with it. There is several emotions for all of those who experience it, and there are some similar ones everyone has according to this article. It sounds like it could be accurate, but there is always room for a little bit of doubt. It is done done on .com site, but shares some similarities to other articles and was found google scholar.
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