Shakespeare's Immortalized Affection

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In William Shakespeare's 18th Sonnet he's comparing the object of his affection to a summer day. Throughout the sonnet, Shakespeare utilizes different elements found only during summer to describe the youth's beauty. His intrigue is expressed to us vividly through the use of metaphors. Shakespeare also uses imagery so that you may share in his experience.

In the first line of sonnet Shakespeare is comparing whom he is obviously attracted to, to a summer's day. He goes on to say she is even more lovely and more mild than a summer's day. As Shakespeare expresses, "Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May" (Shakespeare line 3), it is my interpretation that Shakespeare was referring difficult experiences the youth had to encounter. As Shakespeare explains, summer's lease is far too short and fades quickly. But later in line nine he expresses that the woman's eternal summer shall not fade.

In line five and six, Shakespeare expresses, "Sometimes to hot the eye of heaven shines" (Shakespeare line 5), and "And often is his gold complexion dimmed." (Shakespeare line 6), by this He is referring that she can sometimes be too bold, but at times can also be too timid. Shakespeare further explains in line seven and eight; with time all things may fade weather by time or chance, but "Thy eternal summer shall not fade" (Shakespeare line 9), Shakespeare expresses the youth's summer will be eternal through his verse as depicted in later lines. Nor shall it lose its richly possessed beauty as He explains to you in line 10.

Shakespeare's expresses, "Nor shall Death brag his wander'st in his shade" (Shakespeare line 11), death shall not boast upon and thy shall walk through the shadow of death, thy will fear know evil. "When in eternal lines to time though growest" Shakespeare line 12), Shakespeare is referring to being in his lines which are undying and will keep the pace with time and grow as time grows. In Shakespeare's last lines he expresses that so long as humans are on the earth with seeing eyes his versus will go on celebrating and renewing the youth's beauty with a seemingly never ending cycle of descending with time.

Throughout this poem Shakespeare expresses deeply his affection and beauty of this youth which he made undying and eternal through his comparisons between the youth and a summers day.
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