Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?

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“Shall I Compare thee to a summers Day?” In William Shakespeare’s sonnet “shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” the audience is introduced to a poem in which he himself goes into depth about the person he is infatuated with. The author does not give any type of hints telling the audience who the poem is towards because it can be for both male and female. That’s the interesting part about William Shakespeare’s work which is to second hand guess yourself and thinking otherwise. Making you think and think rational when you read his work. The sonnet “Shall I compare thee to a summers day” is one of his most famous and published poem. Shakespeare’s tone of voice at the commence of the poem is somewhat relaxed and joyful because he is going on talking about the person he is intrigued by. Throughout the passage Metaphors, similes and imagery can all be found in the poem itself This type of sonnet is divided in 3 parts. Author William Shakespeare begins his poem with his most notorious line which is “shall I compare thee to a summers day?”(Shakespeare 771). From just viewing line one it can clearly show that it’s a simile because he is pretty much stating that he compares his/her beauty to as beautiful as like a summers day. The reason he compares them is because as we know summer days are more than usual extremely hot, windy, joyful and full of life and that’s exactly what Shakespeare is doing in this line. He is connecting both the lover and the poem together and implying that he/she is as beautiful or even more than a summer’s day. That would be categorized as a synecdone because she uses the summers day as a way to represent the whole. You can even agree that it can be considered imagery because with just that little line... ... middle of paper ... ... feared time. At times he seemed as if he was angry at the fact that time went by too quick and not enough time allowed him to spend summer with his beloved. Other times he spent glorifying how beautiful his beloved one was and how the beauty can’t ever be taken away. It makes it difficult for the audience to take his reason serious at times because at one point in the poem he seems to have contradicted himself. I found out that this poem had a portion of metaphors, similes, and imagery and personification throughout the entire poem. He begins the poem with a simile and ends it with a personification on the poem. Work Cited Shakespeare,William.”Shall I Compare thee to a summers day?”.Literature: An Introduction to To fiction,Poetry,Drama, and Writing.Ed.X.J Kennedy and Dana Gioia. Bosto:Pearson, 2013.771. Print.
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