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  • Critique of "The Darling"

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    disempowerment. From Olga’s perspective as the story is told, “she cannot exist without being love” (Literature and its Writers, 109) and her life only takes on a meaning through a relationship to the men she attaches herself to. In this story “The Darling,” Olga explores and molds herself into many personalities and interests of the men in her life. For instance, After her father’s death, Olga is left with only material wealth, and again there is an absence of “love,” that Olga wants. So, Olga first

  • Olenka In The Darling

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    Olenka was quite a darling. She was quiet, and always had an imaginative smile. Unfortunately, she had a personality defect. Her problem was the fact that she didn’t have a personality of her own; it was always that of her lovers. In the beginning of the story she was married to Kukin. When she was with Kukin, he complained about the rain on his garden. He said, “Almost every evening it rains. It is simply awful! The public doesn’t come, but I have to pay the rent just the same

  • A Comparison of The Yellow Wallpaper and The Darling

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    Charlotte Perkins Gilman's, "The Yellow Wallpaper", and Anton Chekhov's, "The Darling", we are introduced to main characters with lives surrounded by control. In Gilman's, "The Yellow Wallpaper", the main character, which remains nameless, is controlled by her husband, John. He tells her what she is and is not allowed to do, where she is to live, and that is she is not permitted to see her own child. In Chekhov's, "The Darling", the main character, Olenka, allows her own opinions and thoughts to be those

  • Analysis of The Darling, by Anton Chekhov

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    The story “The Darling” by Anton Chekhov, illustrates a woman that is lonely, insecure, and lacking wholeness of oneself without a man in her life. This woman, Olenka, nicknamed “Darling” is compassionate, gentle and sentimental. Olenka is portrayed for being conventional, a woman who is reliant, diligent, and idea less. Although, this story portrays that this woman, known as the Darling needs some sort of male to be emotionally dependant upon, it is as if she is a black widow, she is able to win

  • Salinity in the Murray Darling-Basin

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    resource on earth and if it disappeared life could not and would not exist on this planet. So if one of our main sources of water in South Australia, The Murray Darling-Basin, becomes unusable then we would need to find the problem and do everything possible to stop it or counteract it. This report investigates on salinity in the Murray Darling-Basin, using the issue question “Is there enough being done to counteract the effects of salinity in the Murray?” as the focus. Salinity is a key significant

  • Grandma, Schnitzel and Politics

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    first course. "I made a chicken soup with canadelach special for you," she said. "Grandma, next time write me a list, and I'll go shopping for you." She snorted, "You know how to pick vegetables." "Then, I'll just carry the bags," I offered. "Darling, when I can't take care of myself, I'll write a big Shalom on the wall," she made a sweeping gesture indicating the whole dining room wall, "and that's this: I'll take all my pills." Then on her feet again, she plunged out of the room with her

  • Pride In Poetry

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    “And the Devil did grin, for his darling sin is pride that apes humility” (Coleridge). Pride effects everyone and everything. It effects the way that we live, the way that we read and the way that we go about things. It hinders people and events. T.S. Eliot seems to have some experience with this word in context. In his two poems, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” and “The Journey of the Magi”, there seems to be strong senses of pride and regret of an unfulfilled life. They each make a tour through

  • Can't Help Falling in Love

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    rush in/ but I can't help falling in love with you/ Shall I stay/ would it be a sin/If I can't help falling in love with you/ Like a river flows surely to the sea/ Darling so it goes/ some things are meant to be/ take my hand, take my whole life too/ for I can't help falling in love with you/ Like a river flows surely to the sea/ Darling so it goes/ some things are meant to be/ take my hand, take my whole life too/ for I can't help falling in love with you/ for I can't help falling in love with you

  • Witchcraft And Effects On Lite

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    1566, 1579, and 1589, the trials in Lancashire in 1612, and the Staffordshire trials in 1597. Some cases even tried people posing as witches like Thomas Darling, John Smith, and William Perry. Many books had been written at the time about the subject of witchcraft like Demonology, Discovery of Witches, Discovery of Witchcraft, and Dr. Lamb's Darling. (Wysiwyg://7/http://www.geocities.com/Athens/2962/witchcraze/time_england.html) Second, witchcraft is recognized around the world through its appearance

  • Old Masters and New Cinema: Korean Film in Transition

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    recent films by Pak Ch’ôlsu (Park Chulsoo) and Im Kwônt’aek (Im Kwon-Taek), two prominent figures who began their directorial careers in earlier decades but have continued their search for their own film language to the present day. Pak’s Farewell My Darling (Haksaengbugunsinwi, 1996) and Kazoku Cinema (Kajok sinema, 1998) and Im’s Chunhyang (Ch’unhyangdyôn, 2001), while employing the conventional mode of storytelling as a structural scaffold, often break down the wall between diegesis and nondiegesis

  • Analysis of The Maltese Falcon

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    detective?s assistant, she possesses more of masculine qualities than feminine qualities. Since she works in an environment around men, she has a tendency to be more influenced by their activities and their ideas. Sam said to Effie, ?Your a detective darling.? Her voice seems to be monotone which shows her as a strong and an independent person. Although she may act this way, she is still a woman who is somewhat ladylike and very polite. In some ways, women are used to bring forth the ideas of sex and

  • Julie Christie Research Paper

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    Shampoo, Don’t Look Now, Fahrenheit 451, and Away From Her, you would think that Julie Christie has amassed a slew of Oscar statuettes, but the sad reality is that she only took home that coveted award once, for her portrayal of Diana Scott in 1965’s Darling. Truth be told, not many actresses could take a character as morally bankrupt as Diana and make her seem fascinating, but

  • William Faulkner's The Sound and The Fury

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    Heart's Darling: Faulkner and Womanhood In William Faulkner's The Sound and The Fury, Caddy Compson is the anchor character because Faulkner himself is so obsessed with her that he is unable bring her down off a platform enough to write words for her. Instead, he plays out his obsession by using her brothers as different parts of himself through which to play out his fantasies and interact with her. Faulkner writes himself into the novel by creating male characters all based on aspects of his own

  • Sonnet 18

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    Amazing authors can induce thoughts by a single word. The ideas that can form in our heads by a small phrase are powerful. Only the most talented and capable authors can provoke such feelings within us. Who is more than able to stir these feelings in a reader but William Shakespeare? His various plays keep us entranced and curious but it is his poetry that strikes a chord deep within us. Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare is particularly powerful. He writes about a love that cannot be compared to anything

  • A Tale of Two Cities Essay

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    does not just hate Lucie, but she hates the Manettes and all Evremondes. One would think that such a strongly fueled hatred would permit Madame Defarge to overpower Miss Pross, but, as the reader finds out, Miss Pross' determination to keep her darling "Ladybird" safe, from any harm that might come to her or her family, allows her to overpower and kill her enemy. This time, the power of good overcomes the power of evil due to Miss Pross' true love and dedication for Lucie. Another struggle between

  • Student Teaching Paper

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    right direction when faced with challenges. I recall a student that I suspected to have copied his homework from other students. I stressed that we figure out how he did it but I could not some up with any definite facts to prove he had did so. Ms. Darling insisted that I not worry about it and if he did cheat then it would be revealed on his exam. Surely enough, the student failed his exam miserably. During a teacher/parent conference, I asked him how he managed to receive an A on all of his homework

  • Sonnet 72

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    William Shakespeare Sonnet 18 Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? 		a Thou art more lovely and more temperate:						b Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,					a And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:					b Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines					c And often is his gold complexion dimmed,						d And every fair from fair sometimes declines,					c	 By chance, or

  • A Summers Love

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    poet's hope that as long as there is breath in mankind, his poetry too will live on. Shakespeare uses a vast amount of imagery in his sonnet. Each line adds to his feeling and thoughts through flowing visions and comparisons. “Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, / And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” (Kennedy and Gioia). This line down plays summer and shows the negatives of the season. Shakespeare gives the fact sharp winds attack what beautiful flowers the ground and trees put out

  • Source Evaluation on Evacuation

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    came along behind. When we got to the station the train was ready. We hadn't the slightest idea where we were going and we put the children on the train and the gates closed behind us. The mothers pressed against the iron gates calling "good bye darling". The above quotation taken directly from Source C is extremely useful as evidence of the children's situation at the start of the evacuation. Not only is the account from a first hand witness but the

  • The Character of Helena in All's Well that Ends Well

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    Throughout the play, one sees Helena jostling ingenuousness with sexuality and at times there seems to be two Helenas, one who is conventionally tame and the other who is actively all out ... a love - sick Juliet that is ready at the end to expose her darling 's ill practices. One could compare Helena with Isabella in Measure for Measure, since the characters are engulfed by different circumstances that demand each of them to act differently. Isabella is a religious figure while Helena is only love-driven