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  • Critique of "The Darling"

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    disempowerment. From Olga’s perspective as the story is told, “she cannot exist without being love” (Literature and its Writers, 109) and her life only takes on a meaning through a relationship to the men she attaches herself to. In this story “The Darling,” Olga explores and molds herself into many personalities and interests of the men in her life. For instance, After her father’s death, Olga is left with only material wealth, and again there is an absence of “love,” that Olga wants. So, Olga first

  • Olenka In The Darling

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    Olenka was quite a darling. She was quiet, and always had an imaginative smile. Unfortunately, she had a personality defect. Her problem was the fact that she didn’t have a personality of her own; it was always that of her lovers. In the beginning of the story she was married to Kukin. When she was with Kukin, he complained about the rain on his garden. He said, “Almost every evening it rains. It is simply awful! The public doesn’t come, but I have to pay the rent just the same

  • The Darling by Anton Chekhov

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    In “The Darling”, Anton Chekhov pairs a critical narrator with a static, one-dimensional main character to make a point about women in 19th century Russian society. He portrays Olenka as a woman who acquires her self-identity and sense of self-worth by making her current husband’s ideas her own, and he uses a narrator who continually criticizes Olenka for not having a thought on her own. Chekhov implies that truly interesting women achieve social and intellectual equality to men. The story’s main

  • Analysis Of Wendy Darling

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    "Wendy Darling." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation. Web. 10 Apr. 2015. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendy_Darling>. “Wendy is a young 12 to 13 year old girl”, “She goes on to meet Peter pan and she becomes a companion to him”, though not to shore about joining peter in his adventures in the beginning, because she had her brothers to look after, with her mother who she often accompanied, but through time she goes on to Neverland with Peter because of her curious ways to seek adventure. This was an

  • Analysis of The Darling, by Anton Chekhov

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    The story “The Darling” by Anton Chekhov, illustrates a woman that is lonely, insecure, and lacking wholeness of oneself without a man in her life. This woman, Olenka, nicknamed “Darling” is compassionate, gentle and sentimental. Olenka is portrayed for being conventional, a woman who is reliant, diligent, and idea less. Although, this story portrays that this woman, known as the Darling needs some sort of male to be emotionally dependant upon, it is as if she is a black widow, she is able to win

  • A Comparison of The Yellow Wallpaper and The Darling

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    Charlotte Perkins Gilman's, "The Yellow Wallpaper", and Anton Chekhov's, "The Darling", we are introduced to main characters with lives surrounded by control. In Gilman's, "The Yellow Wallpaper", the main character, which remains nameless, is controlled by her husband, John. He tells her what she is and is not allowed to do, where she is to live, and that is she is not permitted to see her own child. In Chekhov's, "The Darling", the main character, Olenka, allows her own opinions and thoughts to be those

  • My Darling Wife

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    I remember when we met, how my heart raced at the sight of you. In my mind, I knew you were someone I had met before, and I was excited about the chance to renew your acquaintance. When I approached you (knees knocking - but this is the first I've ever even admitted how nervous I was) and asked "Don't I know you from somewhere?", I remember your laugh when you said something like "I know you're not trying to use that old line!" I honestly thought that I knew you, but realized that - oops you

  • Salinity in the Murray Darling-Basin

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    resource on earth and if it disappeared life could not and would not exist on this planet. So if one of our main sources of water in South Australia, The Murray Darling-Basin, becomes unusable then we would need to find the problem and do everything possible to stop it or counteract it. This report investigates on salinity in the Murray Darling-Basin, using the issue question “Is there enough being done to counteract the effects of salinity in the Murray?” as the focus. Salinity is a key significant

  • The History of the Darling Theatre Company

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    The History of the Darling Theatre Company This theatre company came into being in 1979 when a famous old London theatre went bankrupt and the owners of the building attempted to sell it to property developers. George Darling, a well known stage actor, launched a campaign to save the theatre and, with the help of many famous friends in the acting world, created strong public support for retaining the building as a theatre. However no existing theatre company was in a position to take over

  • The Darling: Exploring Olga's Love

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    In The Darling, Anton Chekhov tells the story of Olga Semyonovna, a woman who is empty without love in her life. Olga is widowed twice, takes a lover who leaves her, and eventually focuses on her old lover's child as the object of her obsession. In all these relationships, she takes on the ideas and emotions of her companion. She smothers the boy, Sasha, with so much attention that he cries out in his sleep. Olga's capacity to love is infinite, but that love is a parasitical and debilitating