Sexual Education Should Be Taught

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Introduction Sexual education has made an advancement into our schools, other known as our mini-societies. Within these mini-societies students are educated on topics besides math, literature and science. A topic that has made its way into the school curriculum is sexual education. Sexual Education classes allow students to be cultured on the act of sexual intercourse and the other footings associated with it. Having this topic as part of the criteria has brought controversial discussions over many decades. The widespread controversy of sexual education classes is whether school should teach abstinence only. A school has to decide within a state’s law on how they will teach the class while not compromising with beliefs of the students’ families. Schools are obligated to teach the topic without representing on their behalf incorrectly. Since schools are another home to these students to mold them into moral citizens it is hoped schools will teach students the proper ways to handle sexual encounters and other terms of endearment related to the topic. A topic like sexual education is important to have discussed because it reflects on actions and morality of a student for the rest of his or her life. Sexual education’s advancement into schools is controversial topic among everyone but is a necessary subject in the classroom. Historical Overview Historically the discussions about sex has become more openly expressed. It is much easier to hear about. With Internet, magazines, and clinics increasing sex education needs to stay in the classrooms. The topic is no longer shoved under the rug. Instead we see people on the daily news with picket signs speaking out against abortions and rape. In the past birth control was frowned upon and... ... middle of paper ... ... regards to how a child may think versus an older teenager, that child will also be under more supervision that a student in high school when they attend events outside of the classroom. There are activities such as Prom that give the older students chances to experience real life. Those real life moments give them a higher opportunity to have sex. I would recommend holding sex educations in the school building but teach the course online. I believe the course could then be taught online with preference by the students’ guardians to be an abstinence only course or a correspondent to safe sex. I believe students would then be less embarrassed to email questions on the subject rather than not speak out in front of peers. In conclusion, sexual education classes need to be taught to help reduce the confusion a child may have when it is time for the decision to have sex.
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