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Over the course of this semester, I have learned that I am the type of person to put others before myself. All of my strengths describe me as a person who likes peace, and moving towards consensus to please everyone. The combination of my strengths, beliefs, and values have motivated me to becoming the young woman I am today. I will live each day with the goal of completing at least one new act of kindness every day. I chose to make a difference in this world through spreading love and kindness. I will make the most of each day and cherish it as if it is my last, and tell my family how much I love and value them as much as I can. Developer, consistency, discipline, harmony and relator are my top five strengths. I believe these strengths are accurate to me, and how I operate in my everyday life. These strengths will be able to help me in accomplishing both long and short term goals. Consistency states that I have a knack for creating agendas and relator states that I can break down complicated processes into simpler steps. Both of these strengths will help me in accomplishing my long term goals. For short term goals, discipline states that I have the driven, determination and focus to buckle down and get tasks done all at one time. This is helpful for short term goals because I do not need to complete my assignment over multiple sessions. I have always viewed myself as a leader, and in combination with my strengths, I have learned more about what my role in being a leader means. My strengths help me in creating agendas, delegation, and instilling a sense of self-worth in people. I often devote myself to helping others, and pride myself in telling others how much their contribution to the group means to myself and everyone else. ... ... middle of paper ... ...value of kindness should be spread throughout the country, and it is what we all desperately need right about now. Simple acts of kindness can brighten a person’s day, and can go a long way in brightening our country. In terms of my value of family, I feel prayer and worship as a family is very important because it brings us all together in peace. My values of kindness and family take on a new meaning in respect to the swim team. Every member of the swim team is incredibly supportive and helpful in any respect you can think of. I feel as though I learned a lot from this team, especially the captains. I was nervous in joining the team because I knew I am not a strong swimmer compared to everyone else. However, with the guidance of my coach, and positive attitude of the captains, my confidence increased and I swam a personal best at our meet at the end of the season.

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