What Are My Strengths And Weaknesses

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Top Five
My five strengths according to the strength finder include; balance, this helps me be aware of treating all people equally regardless of the situation. I am neither in anyone 's favor or against anyone as this to me is selfishness and individualism. This would result in a situation where some people scale heights due to connections while others are lagging behind. I believe that a consistent environment where the rules apply to everyone is the best for individuals to function best (Rath, 2007). Flexibility is my next strength. By knowing that things do not always work out as planned has helped me change the tactics of how I perform my tasks. I do not always expect to have a smooth flow of opportunities or accomplish goals, but
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This shows that I have the firmness and confidence to make my choices and not be wavered around by pressure. I also have the courage as well as patience to keep on without losing hope (Rath, 2007). This is what it takes to be successful. The fourth is responsibility. This means that I am liable for my mistakes as well as the decisions I make. Also, it means that I am capable of spreading accolades appropriately within my team players. The fifth is communication. I can deliver the intended message accurately; I can also be able to share my thoughts, and this helps bring forth my character which helps me empower individuals around me (Rath, 2007).
I tend to agree with this assessment as it brings out my best qualities as strengths in the right way and enables me to assess myself to realize my potential. The strength that can best describe me is the balance which also means consistency. This has helped me cultivate my reputation and has helped me balance my choices. The one that surprised me is courage since at most times I am a team player, and this rarely enables me to stand out
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The needs of the followers include stability, compassion, hope as well as trust. For a leader, it is crucial to creating a sense that the basic needs are being met. A positive balance should be created in the provision of stability, and the process is inspiring and giving hope to the followers. By creating hope, all other objective sin the organization fall into place and gives motivation that the prospects will be better.
By my courageous nature, I can give hope to my followers in any case and give them aspirations in wait for a better future. Tough times can also be faced with much resilience (Rath & Conchie, 2008). I can direct people towards achieving goals for the organization as well as personal goals. By providing stability team cohesion is improved towards the generation of better results. By this, I can influence the employees towards having a strategic mindset and focusing on the work as well as creating a peaceful work

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