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Through answering the assigned thought-provoking questions, I was able to not only learn more about my personality, but I also learned how my specific traits cab be a benefit to my personal as well as my professional growth. The questions required me to take a deeper look into my personality, triggers and motivators which provided me a better understanding of how I operate. In order to continue improving in my professional and personal life, I must continue to grow and hone my communication skills, leadership skills, understand what stressors affect me and much more. The insight that is reviewed in this project report offers an insight that I do have flaws and weaknesses and certain aspects of my personality must be addressed and maintained.…show more content…
I do not work well with underlined tension or conflict that is not discussed. I prefer to create an environment and situation that any conflict can be brought to the surface and discussed. There can be a lot accomplished with a team if there is not conflict or miscommunication. As a supervisor, I strive to promote efficiency, professional communication and minimize the amount of conflict that has the potential to arise. Although I am a supervisor, I do not assume that power in a negative manner, rather I believe having an open door policy creates a very enjoyable work environment. I need to continue to be as professional as possible and display professional communication in all…show more content…
Additionally, I learned that I need to not take other’s personality traits personally. Everyone has a different way of communicating and showing emotion and I must adapt to that, but without compromising my values. Furthermore, I learned that I must not get as stressed over the small things and learn to better prioritize my time and job duties. In organizing this, I be able to be more productive and

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