Selecting the Right Laptop for You

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Purchasing a Laptop (Notebook) Computer
Buying a computer can be fun, expensive, and a complex process. Today’s generation, everyone wants a laptop computer with the best performance, but many will ask themselves, what about cost? How big of a screen should I get? Will it be too big or too small? How many ports do I need? What operating system do I need? Should I get a touch screen? What about internet? Do I need to buy software?
When buying a laptop computer you should consider first, what am I going to be using it for? This should determine what you will need in a laptop. If you are on the go and need one for school or work, weight will be a big issue. How light or heavy do you want it? There are three types of style weights: Ultraportable (<1kg-1.5kg), mid weight (1.5kg-4kg), and desktop replacements (4kg and heavier). Ultraportable is very thin and feather-light weight. This would be best for on the go and has a good battery life. A heavier laptop would be best for all kinds of users but mostly, best for gamers. The battery life is not as well as a thinner laptop. (Simms)
You should also consider what size of a laptop you want. Remember the smaller the laptop, the smaller the keyboard and screen. Small laptops can be handy when it comes to caring it around, but when you want to type and see things it can become a bother. (eBay)
Figure 1 Difference between Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, Tablet PC and Ultrabook

An operating system can be a difficult decision when buying a laptop. You really do not know what you need or like until you have used it. Windows 7 is very common throughout schools and offices. Windows 8 is great for home and entertainment use. Windows 8 is also easier to use if you have a touch screen. Depending on what ...

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