Mac Book Air Evaluation : The Macbook Air

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Mac Book Air Evaluation As a young college student walking into a Best Buy to purchase a laptop for college can be a little intimidating. There are many things to consider such as hard drive, what processors are the best, which screen has the best resolution, or would you rather build a computer that best suits you. The options are endless and in most cases it can become overwhelming, due to the rapid expansion in technology a variety of products that are available have increased dramatically in the past 7 years. Some of the most important criteria that should be considered when evaluating these products are portability, performance, and price. The MacBook Air is an interesting product, because it isn’t top of the line in any of these criteria. In fact, it has a balance of all three that have made it one of the top selling products of recent. Of course no laptop is made to run the same, but that is what makes this specific different than others. In todays fast-paced society there has been an increased demand for resources to be more accessible. This demand has created the trend of devices, such as laptops, to become more and more portable. A good example of portability would be the way the way desktops evolved into bulky laptops, and then laptops into smartphones and tablets. What makes the MacBook Air more portable than most is it’s small design, long battery life, and with it being lightweight. Other laptops by Apple, like the Macbook Pro, weighing about 5 pounds don’t come close to being as lightweight as the Air. When MacBook Air was released in 2008 it was introduced as the world’s thinnest laptop coming in at 0.68 inches and weighing only 2.38 pounds. Compared to other laptops the only other device that comes close would be ... ... middle of paper ... ...00, a MacBook Air has significantly more capabilities for such a minor increase in price. Needless to say many Apple products are trendsetting among current technologies. For the people that desire a device that excels in specific criteria, whether that might be performance (computer gamers), portability, or price there are other devices meant for those purposes. Research has shown that most people would prefer a well-rounded device that can meet a variety of criteria with minimal compromise. The fact that the MacBook Air has met these criteria while still being compatible with other devices and programs is what makes it the best laptop. While it is unknown where technology is going, it is safe to say that Apple will continue to hold its place at the top. While other companies have tired to make a similar product, no one has made a true comparison to the MacBook Air.

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