Seemingly Unneeded Classes: Forced For the Better

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One of the reasons for my dislike of high school is that I, like almost all other students, was required to take classes that were of no interest to me, whatsoever. Sure, there were classes that I partially enjoyed but that enjoyment quickly evaporated after a short while. At the time, I really wished I had the opportunity to “pick and choose” classes that I wanted to take. I thought it would all change when I started college. In ways it has. I am now able to choose classes I am most interested in, but I am also required to take elective and other classes that are unrelated to my major. Though, now, I am not so against it. I have actually enjoyed taking unrelated classes. This is because I have learned that there are, in fact, multiple benefits of taking classes outside of a major. Required classes are beneficial because they allow a student to discover unknown interests, gain a wider area of knowledge and expertise, as well as it gives that student the ability to use an area of knowledge from one area to aid in another.

One benefit of being “forced” to take classes outside of a major is students may discover more or even better interests. The student could discover new aspects about himself or herself, such as interests, that were previously unknown. The required classes can spark unintentional fascination. In turn, that very fascination could result in a change of major more suitable for that student. The occurrence of students charging their majors is a primary example of this happening. Many students go into college believing they are interested in one particular field or subject. Not long after, they decide they are more comfortable and enjoy more to do something completely different. They change their major into something...

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...d workers and the like. Without the help of mathematical skills to build the objects they would not be properly prepared enough to create their specific art pieces.

Taking seemingly unrelated classes present great opportunities to learn and surpass what ever limits, goals, or expectations of education a person sets for himself. Taking these classes lead to a better understanding and outlook of different ideas, ways of thinking as well as situations in the work field and in life. Being required to participate in courses outside of one's major can really develop a person and help them better understand themselves and the world around them. Taking extra classes in college would inevitably help an individual in the future regardless if he or she believes it is of no advantage at the moment. It can also increase employment opportunities once a student finishes college.