Security in The Grand Inquisitor

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Think back to your childhood. Was it one filled with happy memories? The majority of us can say yes to this question. Most of us grew up in a innocent, carefree world. Being free of adult responsibilities, we could play all day without having to deal with the issues of the adult world. Back then, we had the security of our parents. They were always there making our decisions for us. We were told when to go to bed, what to wear, and what to eat. Just like the first time we learned how to ride a bike, we knew that our parents were just a step or two behind, protecting us. Were we happier back then with less freedom and more security? Consider the life of an adult: they possess absolute control, only to be constantly stressed with the responsibility of adult decisions. This freedom of choosing our own path, does that bring happiness? Are we happier when we have more freedom, but less security? It is not freedom that is related to human happiness, but security. I believe that when humans have a prominent source in their lives that deliver a sense of security, that will undoubtedly lead to more happiness than freedom is capable of.

In The Grand Inquisitor, the conflict between freedom and security is one of the main reasons for Ivan’s dissent from Christianity. The difference between Jesus Christ’s point of view and the Grand Inquisitor’s is the value that each places on freedom and security. The way that Christ responds to the three temptations is assumed to display the importance and beauty of our ability to make decisions for ourselves. The rejection of comfort in our lives is represented by the bread. Jesus should have eaten the bread and given us freedom from hunger instead of choice. The need for faithfulness is represented b...

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...the lives of children and adults, which should now seem like the obvious choice for happiness? Obviously the child. The lives of children is so beautiful and wonderful. Having the security of your parents constantly, without a single stress in the world is unbelievable. That is why children are much happier than adults. They might not have all the freedom of an adult, but who cares when you can live your life everyday without being having a single worry in the world. The Grand Inquisitor wanted Jesus to be our parent. He wanted Jesus to make the decisions for us. Why would a parent just allow their child to run free in the world making all the wrong choices? We need Jesus to be that divine figure that unquestionably reigns dominance. That strong sense of security, always knowing that it will lead you in the right path will undeniably bring happiness into our lives.
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