Lifespan And Happiness Essay

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Sarah Smith
Ms. Stafford
English 4
2 March 2015
Government Influence on Lifespan and Happiness
What is happiness, and how can and should we achieve it? The answer to this is something that humans have been trying to figure out since the beginning of time. We all experience happiness in our lives. What I have researched is how much our governments and world leaders are in control of our lifespan and happiness. Elected and unelected officials have an undeniably large role in all of our lives, all over the world. My goal was to study how much effect they have on our happiness/lifespan, and how their influence can be improved. I believe that happiness is something that we are all entitled to, regardless of our countless differences. Our governments
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In America freedom of religion is one of the most fundamental and cherished human rights. This is unfortunately a rare trait in the world we see today. Allowing citizens to legally practice the religion of their ancestors and personal belief is something that contributes heavily to nearly every aspect of happiness. Forcing people to worship in private, in fear of being condemned for their faith adds to unimaginable stress and retaliation. Considering a war torn country such as Iraq or Saudi Arabia this problem is further recognised. How can a government expect and demand that citizens risk and sacrifice their lives for their country were their religion is not even recognised? Imagine a foreign soldier on the front line of combat, at war for his country. Now imagine that soldier has been injured and is dying or fearing for their life among the horrors of war. The soldier is staring the reality of death in the face, and he is forbidden to pray to his God. He is forbidden to plead for the future of his soul, by the very country for which his life is fading to defend. This is a terrifyingly clear example of how close to heart the leaders and governments of our world are able to affect
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