Scottish Separatist Movement - Yes Scotland vs. Better Together

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There is no real single entity that can be identified as a singular “Scottish separatist movement”, but rather, there are smaller groups which could be put together under that banner of separatism. In fact, those groups could be on the verge of victory this year, as Scotland prepares for its most important referendum in its history - asking the simple, yet loaded question: “should Scotland be an independent country?” But, before that day comes, we should look at the means for why Scotland should consider this as a viable replacement for governance as part of the United Kingdom. What influence was there in this idea of separation from the UK? What caused this movement to take form? Are their ideals democratic? How can Scotland possibly survive without the UK and its benefits? As we are steeped in very current affairs, there’s quite a lot that will change over time, but that doesn’t stop us from diving deep into what makes this movement tick.

However, to understand that ticking, we need to understand the country itself. Scotland had its start as an independent nation, starting from its founding in the earliest period of the Middle Ages. However, there was constant turmoil over the years, as there were two wars for independence (from 1296-1306 and 1332-1357, respectively), leading up to 1707, when the Treaty of Union was passed (which allowed for the kingdoms of Scotland and England to unionize). In those times, the merger between the Scottish and the English was seen as hostile, but later developed into a powerful partnership that was unlike anything that was ever experienced before in those times. Scotland, however, still wasn’t very convinced that this was a measure which needed to take place, as the ratification of the Treaty o...

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