School Is A Second Home For Students

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The school is described as a second home for students. Students achieve their basic training of education and life from their school. They come in contact with new people, experience different cultures and create new habits and ideas. Entering to a new school is extremely difficult especially when they move from a different country, they are leaving their friends and family and entering a whole new environment. My parents decided that I should get a better education, so they decided to move to U.S after I finished my 5th grade in India. We first moved to Maryland and I got enrolled in Nashville Middle School. The admission was confirmed 2nd day after the school was started, so I was already behind in all my classes.
As I walked into the school, I was puzzled. I started sweating and my heart started racing because I didn’t know where to go or what to do, I couldn’t think of anything. I didn’t even know anyone until I showed this one girl my schedule and asked her where my homeroom was, luckily it turned out that she was in homeroom right across from mine so she walked me to my homeroom. As we walk to our homeroom, we started talking, she asked me if I was new to the area and all. I asked her if she has any classes with me and she looked at the schedule and she nodded her head and said, “yes we have science together, period 5 after lunch.” As soon as she said that my heart beat dropped down back to normal thinking at least I know someone in my science class. We reached the hall were our homeroom was and she pointed me toward my homeroom and waved her hand with a smile on a face and said, “see you in the science class.” I smile and said, “I will see you in class if I can find the class.”
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... be assigned to one class and you stay in that class all day long and teacher changes. We didn’t have a smart board or anything so it was hard understanding the teachers too. The school time period is not as long as school times in India. You get better sports activity than in India. In India, you do learn more stuff than here so you do get a head start on everything but for long term U.S education is more beneficial than India.


This was an important first experience because after doing 6th grade in Maryland I moved to Pennsylvania and I completed middle school there and this experience helped me out when I started school in Pennsylvania, it made everything easier to me. All thing I need to do was find my class and make new friends. I moved again back to Maryland and Maryland to Oregon in 2015 that experience helps me a lot to adapt the new environment.

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