School Bullying: Methods to Prevent This Ongoing Cycle

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School bullying occurs in every realm of society. Students suffer harmful effects when they are emotionally and physically abused. Society must take active measures to end this ongoing injustice of students and help school yard bullies in understanding the effects of their actions. One in every ten students is bullied at some point in their education process (Will 1). The FBI National Center for Analysis of Violent Crime observed that the victimization of students occurs more often in public schools (Will 2). The victims of bullying suffer from emotional distress, and they often have difficulties making friends (J Love 346). The distressed victims will have problems in the workforce and their future family if bullying stays strong in schools. School bullies may demonstrate their ‘power’ in several ways. School bullies may mock peers, spread vicious rumors, play cruel pranks, or use physical force to ensure to their target that they are in charge (J Love 346). Furthermore, cyber-bullying is a growing trend in this technologically advanced society (J Love 346). Children often have unsupervised access to sites such as facebook and twitter. These sites make it effortless for school bullies to discriminate other peers.

Solutions to help end school bullying must be thought out carefully by all school authority figures. One approach many schools have attempted is called a systematic approach. This approach involves strict enforcements specific to school bullying (Will 3). School authority figures are responsible for enforcing the rules in this system. In doing this the school bully is directly singled out as responsible for the violence in the classroom. Although this approach is well-meant it does not resolve the root of the problem. The authority figures cannot possibly comprehend why a school bully bullies (Will 3).

School authorities taking interventive measures is another idea in helping prevent school bullying. Schools may start placing cameras on busses to catch acts of aggression from school bullies. Moreover, school officials may perform locker searches for any evidence of bullying, and they may hire security guards (Will 3). These measures often violate children’s sense of privacy. Although this measure is also well intended, it can have unanticipated results. Many children feel an urge to rebel when they feel their privacy is invaded, therefore; this method may cause more harm than good.
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