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My passion for public service initiated in my third grade reading class. It was there that I volunteered for “Reading Together USA”, a program to help younger children learn to read. The joy and delight that I felt from witnessing my students’ progress was unprecedented to any feeling that I ever felt before, and I knew from that point forward that my life would be committed to serving the public. Although my forms (TRYING TO SAY WAYS LIKE 1st pre-med then law) of serving others may have changed, the trend of service has remained constant through high school, college, and even my career. In high school I wanted to become a doctor. I felt this profession was the epitome of helping individuals and that’s what I wanted to do. Not to mention that I had my eyes set on working at Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) or Doctor’s Without Borders. MSF is an organization that travels to 3rd world countries to treat patients. While in high school I was selected to participate in 2 Independent Study Mentorship Programs in which I established mentorships in the field of medicine, shadowed my mentors 2-3 times a week, and sat in (Another word?) on surgeries. Also I compiled a research portfolio of 100 primary and secondary sources, and completed a final product at the term of the semester. Both years I mentored under a doctor, and produced final products that raised public health awareness. In my first year I mentored under Dr. Farmer, an OB/GYN. I presented to local PTA members about the HPV shot, Gardasil and designed/produced Gardasil Shot magnets with check boxes, to remind patients to get the remaining shots in the series. The second product I created were informational pamphlets about influenza to put in doctors’ offices. I also raised over $... ... middle of paper ... ...ams that have changed the culture of the office, such as Drug Courts, Citizen Prosecutor Unit, Animal Cruelty division, and the Exoneration Unit all on a limited budget. I will strive to implement similar programs in Denver from the knowledge that I have gained through the CPA program. In the future I also want to become a legislator. I truly believe that my diverse educational background will allow me to consider multiple perspectives leading to more educated decisions in various policy issues. Thank you for making it possible for more future lawyers to consider Public Interest Law as a viable career option by relieving a great financial burden. I am confident that if I were selected I would be an advocate for public service, active in the community as I have been and always will be, and represent University of Denver well and be a leader in Public Interest Law.

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