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First off, I would like to say again, thank you for nominating me as a possible recipient for this scholarship. I do not think I have ever been recognized for my academic achievements throughout my entire school career. I never was really focused and determined to learn before like I am now. So just the nomination is an honor, no matter if I receive the scholarship or not. Thank you for the recognition. It truly made my day.
As of right now, I am enrolled in the mental health certificate program. I chose the certificate program because I was not too sure if I wanted to pursue a career in social work or in the counseling field. But I have decided recently though, that I would like to work in the social work field. The main reason, obviously,
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I am surrounded by many people in my life who are currently living with a mental illness, from chronic depression, PTSD, anxiety and Bipolar disorder. My mother for example has always lived with chronic depression and when my siblings and I were younger, we did not understand her condition and why she would sleep for days, all day and all night. The only thing we knew, was that she was sad and to leave her alone. Then after a few days of her sleep coma, she would suddenly be fine and everything would go back to being normal. We would never talk about it, not until we were older and understood her condition better. About a two years ago, two of my best friends and a family member attempted suicide. One of the friends, to date, has attempted more than three times. These incidents occurred around the same time frame and on top of an aunt and uncle who had extreme health issues. That was a lot for me to take in at once and I was being spread so thin already. I thought to myself, “how come I didn’t see that coming? Am I a horrible friend for not noticing? “I beat myself up about it for awhile and I felt very guilty. I am…show more content…
I basically have been surviving off of my financial aid and babysitting jobs. In doing this, I have gotten really good at budgeting my money and actually not spend it on things I do not need. I live in my parents’ home for free and I help with bills when I am able to. When I made the decision to go back to school I knew there would be challenges, but I have a roof over my head and food to eat and I am grateful. At times it is not easy living here, especially when your younger brother also lives here and does not work, or contributes to household chores. It got really hard last year when my mom lost her job and was unable to find work for a while so the bills were piling up every month. She faced foreclosure on the house and I think we had our lights disconnected a couple of times. But somehow we always manage to pull through hard times like that. Some days to save money on gas, I will stay at my boyfriend’s house since he just lives and works right down the road from MCC. I also will stay the night at my brother’s house since he lives right on campus. It is so easy to just wake up and walk to school and it saves me so much money. Thank goodness for those two guys, if it was not for them I probably would have stopped going to school. I feel like small generosities like that, help keep me
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