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San Diego is home to many hardworking individuals who diligently work during the week and long for their days off to visit the many attractions the city has to offer. Whether it is heading to work or going to Balboa Park for a family outing, San Diegans are conscious that MTS is there to ensure they arrive to their destination in a convenient and timely manner. Being California’s second largest city, San Diego is vulnerable to frustrating traffic during rush hours, yet people are slowly recognizing MTS’s efforts to alleviate this issue and ensure that not only arrive to their destination on time, but do so efficiently; cost is not an issue and the routes are well-planned in effort to avoid traffic. People often think badly of public transportation; MTS has become an exception since it has been invested in creating a positive experience for both San Diegans who use the transportation system on a daily basis or those who ride a single bus once.
Since my freshmen year of high school, I have met peers who rely on public transportation to get to school every day since the school bus system did not serve their neighborhood. They were students who were eager to come to school everyday, relying on MTS to transport them to school on time every day. Similarly, my mother relies on MTS to get her to work on time every morning and home every afternoon. Both students and adults alike have had little to no problems with the transportation system; when there were problems, MTS was able to adjust their schedules or routes to serve the community. A friend who just recently began to rely on public transportation to transport her to school has told me the interesting experiences she has encountered during the time she has used the public transportat...

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...t the rising gas priced and the ridiculous cost of decent insurance. Then I have rode both buses and trolleys when somebody took the family car to work and I needed to take care of my own interests; I noticed that most people feel uncomfortable being around so many people, yet when a passenger needs help, conversation emerges and a new connection is made. I am generally a shy person, however I feel public transportation has helped me strengthen my communication skills. I am only one MTS customer; the difference it can make on all San Diegans can be huge. People underestimate public transportation since it has such a negative connotation; MTS is an exception because they have invested in ensuring that youth, seniors, adults and the disabled all have the same opportunity to rely on a clean, efficient, and friendly way to transport their citizens where they need to be.

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