Saving the Planet, One Panel and Turbine at a Time

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Fossil fuels are starting to be a problem and are slowly killing the Earth. We have other sources which we can use to solve our problems. “Wind and sunshine are clean, emitting neither the pollutants that cause smog nor the carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change”(Ball n.p.). Renewable energy should replace fossil fuels, because they are cleaner, they have been already working, and they are helping Africa.
Renewable energy should replace fossil fuels because they are cleaner. Fossil fuels are well known to poison the Earth. They may seem like a solution to our energy needs but they are doing more harm than good. Even though they are so toxic to the Earth we still have a while until we can completely switch to clean energy. “The U.S. cannot afford to invest and lock itself into many more decades of reliance on the dirty and unstainable sources of energy of the past” (Yang n.p.). Renewable energy such as solar, wind and hydro power do not give off pollution like fossil fuels do. If we were to switch to renewable energy we would eventually stop global warming and live healthier lives. “Clean-tech is a fast growing global industry that holds the potential to fix our current climate and other environmental challenges”(Yang n.p.). Unfortunately the renewable energy technology is not as affordable as fossil fuel technology, which is one of the reasons why we are using fossil fuels. According to author Jeffery Ball:
It is time to push harder for renewable power, but to push in a smarter way. Recent advances have made wind and solar power more competitive than ever. Now, for renewable power to reach its potential the world’s approach to it will have to grow up, too. Governments will have to redesign their renewable-power polic...

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...lready working, and they are helping Africa.

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