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Sammy Sosa Sammy Sosa was a major league baseball player, and a talented hispanic american that always dreamed of playing for the major leagues. His family was from the Dominican Republic. He was born on November 12, 1968 in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic, and is still living. He had a very hard childhood. When Sammy was only seven years old, his dad passed away. He lived in an abandoned hospital. He sold oranges and shined shoes to make money for his mom and six siblings. Sammy started playing baseball when he was fourteen, but instead of using normal equipment, he used a stick for a bat, a milk carton for a glove, and a bunch of rolled up socks for a baseball. He entered the United States in 1986 to play for a minor league baseball team in Florida. In Sammy’s adult…show more content…
Sammy is a major league baseball player, and is most famous for his home runs. Three years after Sammy played for the minor leagues, he played major league baseball for the Texas Rangers. Just a few weeks after playing for the Rangers, he got traded to the Chicago White Sox, hitting 15 home runs in his first major league career. In 1992, Sosa went to go play for the Chicago Cubs, and he continued to keep hitting home runs. In 1998, he took baseball to a whole new level. Sammy was now trying to beat another major league play, Roger Maris, with sixty-one home runs in a single season. So was another player, Mark McGwire, who played for the St. Louis Cardinals. Everybody was either watching or listening to them compete against each other for the single home run season. Mark McGwire ended up winning the battle with 70 home runs, while Sammy Sosa ended with 66 home runs. Although Mark McGwire won the battle, Sammy Sosa got the National League Most Valuable Player (MVP). In 2003, Sammy Sosa got suspended for seven games because he used a corked bat. Also, Sammy’s name got announced about steroid use. Someone had accused him for
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