History: Jackie Robinson Become A Major League Baseball Player

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Devon Dunbar film english Jackie Robinson was the first african american who became a major league baseball player. He did the unthinkable thing to do in this time era, when the Brooklyn Dodgers started him at first base on April 15, 1947. Rodinson played the game even though he was hated in the beginning by all the fans and players. I think this would lead into black people getting expected by whites. Robinson was born on january 31, 1919 in Georgia. Jackie who was the youngest of five children had a father who left when he was a kid and he never seen again and his mother Mille raised him on her own. After jackie was born About a year later him and his family moved to california. His family was known for being good at sports because one of his brothers was a silver medalist in the olympics. Robinsons town was in poverty and this caused him to join the local gang. Jackie loved playing any sport, he really did love sports. Robinson ran track, played football, played baseball, and basketball in college. People would treat him like a prize on the field but off the field it was like he wasn't a person he was a thing. While Jackie was staring in all these sports he was at UCLA and he ended up winning the NCAA championship in long jump. He was also the first person to letter in four sports in UCLA history. After college Jackie decided to play professional baseball in all negro league. Back when Jackie was playing blacks were not allowed to play with whites in baseball. Jackie played shortstop and actually played really well, good enough to get the brooklyn dodgers attention. Branch Rickey may not sound familiar or even look familiar but i think that he is the man who changed baseball forever. Branch approached Jackie as the manag... ... middle of paper ... shouted racial slurs. This actually never happened, and Jackie never went into a tunnel and smashed his bat. That same manager asked to pose for a picture in real life and in the movie, but this time it was only yo get himself and the phillies out of hot water with the press. The one that i liked the most is that i found out that Pee Wee Reese really did put his arm around jackie Pee Wee never did it to show family what he is about, he did because he wanted to show Jackie that he has a friend. the famous quote “Branch: "Robinson, I'm looking for a ballplayer with guts enough not to fight back." actually did happen also, when Branch was telling Jackie what he was all about. Wendell Smith was a reporter in the movie that trying to help jackie out and he seemed kind, but i found out that he wasn't in it to help jackie he was in it to sit in a press box one day.
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