Babe Ruth: Steroids In Baseball's Hall Of Fame

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Babe Ruth. Hank Aaron. Nolan Ryan. Cal Ripken Jr. These outstanding Major League Baseball players deservedly earned their spot in baseball’s Hall of Fame. Hank Aaron held the league’s home run record with 755 for 33 years, until it was broken by Barry Bonds at the height of the steroid era (Andy). Aaron has never been accused of steroid use; however, Bonds has. Nolan Ryan can be found at the top of the all-time strikeout list, but Roger Clemens is not far behind. Once again, the former has never been proven to have been on steroids, while the latter was found guilty. It is not fair to the players who achieved their greatness on their own merit to be surpassed, or even grouped alongside, those who cheated the game. The Hall of Fame needs to …show more content…

Taking illegal substances gives players a distinct advantage over others and should not be recognized in the Hall of Fame. Steroids have been a part of the game for years and more and more players are using them. It is inevitable that they are an easy way to help improve a players numbers. Based on statistics gathered from Major League Baseball, during a three-year span Melky Cabrera increased his slugging percentage by 100 points (Victor). Slugging percentage is the number of total baseball divided by a players number of at bats (“Slugging Percentage”). Cabrera was an outfielder for the Chicago White Sox. In Melky’s case, he quickly went from an average player to one of the games best. 100 points is a drastic change in only a few seasons. These steroids improve a players strength and recovery time. This is a major advantage because the MLB is season is very long and taxing on the body. Steroids help promote quicker muscle recover so players can be stronger and fresher game after game. In the same way, taking steroids also gives a player an upper hand when it comes to hitting home runs. It is the improvement in this power category that most people think of in regards …show more content…

Professional athletes serve as role models for younger players. However, some of them are terrible examples to follow based on the way conduct themselves and constantly lie. Sports writer from The New York Times, Michael Schmidt reports, “The 19-page indictment charged Clemens, 48, with three counts of making false statements, two counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of Congress during his testimony in a nationally televised hearing in February 2008 before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform” (Schmidt). Roger Clemens was charged with six total felonies. This might be the most severe attacks of someone's integrity. Five of his six charges were directly related to lying under oath of congress. This is not the type of person that the Hall of Fame should want representing them. More importantly, it is even worse when a player testifies in front of judges and says he never taken steroids. Ever. When looking back at symply baseball statistics, Rafael Palmeiro can be found in many record books for hitting more than 500 home runs and 3,000 hits. However, six months after he swore he never took any type of substance, he was found guilty and suspended (Harris). Rafael Palmeiro is one of the greatest hitters to every play the game. There is no denying his impressive stats. These stellar numbers are later tainter after it is discovered he has

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