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  • Internal Auditing

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    Auditing as a profession as evolved drastically over decades and as time has passed auditing activities has expanded from performing specific assurance activities for management, to assisting and advising management with their specific business activities. The Institute of Internal Auditors define internal auditing as ‘”…an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organisation's operations. It helps an organisation accomplish its objectives by

  • The Impact Of International Auditing Standards On Auditing

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    The topic on auditing also prepares the accounting students to undertake quality audits so as to conform to the standards by reviewing the objective evidence. Quality audits verify the effectiveness of the management system. They are also essential in providing evidence that is concerned with the elimination and the reduction of problem areas since they are management tools for achieving continuous improvement in the organization. In addition, the knowledge on international auditing standards acts

  • Statement On Auditing Standards: Statement Of Auditing Standards

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    Statement of Auditing Standards #54 AU Section 317 AC410 – Auditing II DeeAnna Moore February 8, 2015   STATEMENT ON AUDITING STANDARDS has defined audit as: “an official examination and verification of accounts and records, especially of financial accounts; a report or statement reflecting an audit; a final statement of account.” The Statement on Auditing Standards (abbreviated SAS) were created in 1972 to aid external auditors during the auditing process. They

  • Optimization Of Auditing

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    Optimization of auditing processes has always been a priority for many organizations. Therefore, the audit group is often tasked with the responsibility of prioritizing and allocating limited resources, in order to keep the enterprise’s risk at a satisfactory level. However, Companies are constantly being bombarded with information, which makes it difficult to prioritize, analyze, and utilize data in a sophisticated manner. Using a risk-based modeling approach can help to create solutions that are

  • Essay On Auditing

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    Auditing is the method of finding and checking the evidence, comparing them to an established criteria, preparing the report of the audit conducted. Auditing profession is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity that is designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. Regulations are the rules and terms made by the directors of the company to be followed. Regulations are important so that the workers of company are prevented from using the business practices that

  • Auditology In The Field Of Auditing

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    field of auditing which can be used as a tool to benefit the internal auditor as he adapts to the changing environment. 2. A brief definition and history of Continuous Auditing Information technology has created an intense need for new business approaches which require alterations in business practice and transactional processes (Elam, Rezaee &Sharbatoghlie 2001:150). One of these processes, which involves the internal auditor directly is the audit methodology referred to as Continuous Auditing. This

  • Importance Of Auditing

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    Report of my presentation I believe my audiences has already understood some about audit through our presentation. This report will show the power points of auditing in my presentation, as well as show the reasons of why I choose an internal auditor as my career. The next section is going to explain what internal audit and internal auditor is. Internal auditors ordinarily work in companies and organisations to monitor and estimate how well risks are being managed, the business is being governed

  • Tax Auditing Essay

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    effectiveness of tax auditing means that the tax auditors had performed an effective work without any impact on the tax payers. There are five factors that considered as the determinants for the effectiveness of tax auditing, which are audit quality, management support, organizational setting, attributes of the audited party and organizational independence. The tax audit effectiveness also refer to the ability and capability of a tax audit to provide useful findings of auditing and recommendations

  • Pros And Cons Of IT Auditing

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    Information Technology Audit Team Creation The creation of a team to perform the effective auditing of an Information Technology (IT) organization is a daunting task. Some of the key elements that should be considered while creating an IT audit team are highlighted in this critical thinking report, such as what should be the primary focus of the team, what are the key positions, the skill-sets needed for each member of the team, outside assistance or co-sourcing should be considered or not, and

  • Auditing Case Study

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    Auditing has become quite a challenge in recent years due to all the fraud scandals that has been going on. Such is the case that government was required to intervene and created the Sarbanes-Oxley Act; one of most significant reforms related to public companies since 1934. Modern corporations aren’t ran by their sole proprietors anymore but by managers whose job is to protect their interest. Particularly this is one of the reasons why the demand of auditing arose due to the natural conflict of interest

  • The Key Value of Auditing

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    Auditing plays a vital role in business, government and economy. The key value of auditing is its ability to provide an independent assurance on the integrity and fairness of financial information produced by companies and other entities. An auditor is under a statutory duty to report to members on the company’s financial statements for an accounting period and on the accounting records relating to those financial statements (s.308). Auditors are required to provide an auditor’s report to the members

  • Internal Auditing Essay

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    Internal auditing Internal auditing is a process which provides assurance and consulting service like evaluate the controls, performance efficiency, detect the risk management and governance to a public and private entity in order to adding value to the organization. Internal auditor For every public listed company in Malaysia is required to build up an internal audit department request by security stock exchange. Internal auditor is a profession provides independence and objectivity appraisal

  • Essay On Internal Auditing

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    Introduction Internal auditing is a process which provides assurance and consulting service like evaluate the controls, detect the risk management and governance to an entity in order to adding value to the organization. Internal auditor provides independence and objectivity appraisal and attesting on the organization activities performance, reviewing adequacy of controls, provide information for the manager or management level to make decision, aware on the any wasteful and fraud existing in an

  • Importance Of Internal Auditing

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    Internal auditing is a function that is responsible for performing financial and non-financial audits within a wide range of areas of a business, as directed by the annual audit plan. It operates independently from other departments and reports directly to the audit committee, reside within an organization (i.e. they are company employees). Internal audit look at key risks facing the business and what is being done to manage those risks effectively, to help the organization achieve its objectives

  • Role Of Internal Auditing

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    Internal auditing has become an important part of corporate governance. Internal auditors are tasked with protecting an entity’s assets and producing reliable accounting reports used in decision-making processes. However, the most vital role of today’s internal auditor is testing the efficiency and effectiveness of all aspects of an entity’s operations (e.g., financial and nonfinancial; In’airat, 2015). According to In’airat, the components of corporate governance must cooperate with each other

  • Importance Of Brainstorming In Fraud Auditing

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    Introduction New auditing standards require members of the audit team to discuss the potential for material misstatement due to fraud. This discussion should include an exchange of ideas or “brainstorming” among the audit team members about (1) how and where they believe that an entity’s financial statements might be susceptible to material misstatement due to fraud, and (2) how management could perpetrate and conceal fraudulent financial reporting. The brainstorming can take place during audit

  • Auditing in United Arab Emirates

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    Emirates Auditing is an area that has evolved a lot and of recent it has become indispensible. This is because there is a completely new dimension presented by this practice. Initially, auditing used to concentrate mostly on corporate compliance plus institution of strong financial controls. However, the modern businesses in United Arab Emirates do not have much worry with financial controls or compliance but rather are concerned with risk assessment and mitigation. For any listed company, auditing play

  • Australian Auditing Standards Essay

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    The Australian Auditing Standard (ASA) establishes requirements on the responsibilities of an auditor when contracted to undertake an audit of a financial report, complete set of financial statements or other historical financial statements. Reports generated by auditors need to be of quality, meaning that the main objective of ensuring the financial statement is free of material inaccuracy and that material deficiencies detected are addressed and communicated through the audit report. Audits reports

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internal Auditing

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    The second issue is auditing. From my auditing classes back in China, I learned that auditors are paid to find problems in a system, and from the latest audit report from the Office of Inspector General, they audit to see if the funds are used in the right place, and they accomplish that by comparing the financial report and the real accounting record. However, auditing covers more than how the money is spent, which is called “external audit”, there is another type called “internal audit”, auditors

  • Auditing Standards: Relevant Audit Standards

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    1.2. Relevant audit standards This section of the paper summarizes the relevant International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) that reflect the interrelation between the audit procedures and audit evidence. The aim of this chapter is to emphasize the importance of the evidence gathered by the auditor and the impact it might have on the audit opinion. As per International Standard on Auditing (ISA) 500, the auditor’s objective is to issue an opinion based on the conclusions drawn from the evidence gathered