The Traditional Audit Without Technology

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• The tradition audit without technology: The major characters of the tradition audit are all information what is needed by auditors are on the paper and the manual calculators and without high communication technology. Auditors usually were limited by the place in the paper time. When a several people are working on the same auditing project for a client with offices in cities across the country, even worldwide, it takes a lots all time those auditors get the information which they need from the client, even there is risk paper information disappear for many reasons. on the another hand, mail paper information increase the auditing cost. The mistake caused by the manual calculators inevitably, no matter how fixed auditors concentrate on recalculate is, after all auditors are human. The global business become major in the modern business world, some example, several auditors who are in different locations are working a same auditing project, or auditors are in different city even country with the client, when there is issue among these auditors or between auditors and client, they only can communicate with each other by phone or be together and have meeting. Phone call can not make sure information been watched in the same time when the voice is talking about the issue, but having a meeting takes time and money make all people together, it increases auditing cost. No matter auditors work with technology or not, the most important thing in process of auditing is evidence. The basic framework for the auditor understands of evidence and its use to support the auditor's opinion on the financial statement. In reaching an opinion on the financial statements, the evidence gathered from the audit procedure is used to determine the fairness of the financial statements and the type of audit report to be issued. The characters of paper audit evidence are: • Origin: proof of origin easily established. Audit is an industry which has existed and developed for a long time in paper. The standard of this industry was built already, the proof of origin will be found very easily, the rule is there already. • Alteration: paper evidence difficult to alter without detection. Any one tries to change anything on paper there must be marks, auditor can find the marks and whether there are changes in financial statements. Any change for fraudulent, misappropriation of asset can been found easily if auditor wants to find. • Approval: paper documents show of approval on their face.

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