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Have you ever read the Salem Witch Trial? The Salem Witch Trial is based on a

witchcraft story that took place in 1692. It occurred when 3 women were accused of

being witches, later on in the story they accused more and more people.

The Salem Witch Trial took place in 1692 it was based on witchcraft (miller,). It

had all started with a group of girls (miller,). They were dancing in the woods and

worshipping the devil (miller,). Later on people were accused for no reason (miller,).

Also seven innocent people died (miller,). In 1697, the Massachusetts court declared a

day of fasting. More than 150 men and women were accused of being a witch

(,). This damaged the town in several ways (,). In September of

1692, the hysteria began to abate the public …show more content…

The three women said that they had been

making deals with the devil in the woods (,). Although the trial had continued

Martinez Riley #2

more men and women were being accused of being a witch (,). Therefore it

cost them to be hung (,).

After the day of the fasting, the court had declared the trials to become unlawful

(,). The trials of the Salem Witch had continued until 1693(,).

From there on out most of the people who were accused had become hardened and were

later released from there witchcraft charges (,). In 1688, John Putman was

an influential man in Salem (,). He had moved to Salem with a wife,

daughter, and slave named Tituba (,).

In the winter of 1692, a girl named Betty Paris had become very ill and no one

knew how she had become ill (,). At the time the talk of witchcraft had

increased and some of the children started having similar symptoms to Betty Paris

(,). On the other hand, some believe that the girls had turned themselves to

the devil and they would do stuff the devil asked them to (,). People

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