Sainsbury's Mission Statement

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Sainsbury’s mission statement is split up into several sections, first of all, to have great products at quality service and fair prices, secondly to be there for the customers and finally for their colleagues to be the difference. This is the mission and values of Sainsbury’s organisation which should be seen throughout their entire staff and the staff should know about it because of the fact that it is forced throughout all the different areas of Sainsbury’s managers and stakeholders. Sainsbury’s main goals are to sell products and services at prices that can relate to their customers, they achieve this goal by setting process and discount deals to attract customers to the products being sold. Also that colleagues are the ones who are making …show more content…

Finally to be for the customers this is achieved as they were able to gain access to the Argos brand which attracts more customers to the Salisbury’s chain. These are some of the business plans to keep Sainsbury’s sustainable and to keep them as one of the UK top supermarkets. They are set as these are the areas that mean the most to the organisation that need to be centred around. Also, the goals for Sainsbury’s are also set around their vision and values, these contain making the customers live healthier lives by serving quality healthy food they achieve this through increasing and improving the quality of products that are produced by Sainsbury’s. To also be able to work alongside more farmers, suppliers etc. This is set to be able to gain more knowledge where the products are sourced they achieved this by working alongside suppliers like Heinz and Kellogg’s to gain the best quality products. Thirdly their goal of being able to respect the environment was set so that they would be able to reduce waste caused by Sainsbury’s they achieve this by producing more eco-friendly types of products like for example their own environmentally friendly brand of nappies. Also, another goal set is to be able to be a positive influence on the area/ community …show more content…

This stands for goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic and finally time bound. The first of the goals above which Is to be able to sell products and services at prices that relatable to the customer and in my opinion I believe that this is a realistic and achievable goal as this is one that they can achieve. Secondly, the goal of having the colleague’s be the ones who make the difference for each store is another achievable goal for Sainsbury’s. Thirdly they are for the customer’s which again is a smart target as it is achievable for Sainsbury’s to be able to achieve. Then to the goals that are set because of the values of Sainsbury’s like for customers to have healthy lives, to work alongside suppliers i.e. farmers, respecting the environment, being a positive influence on the local area and finally safe high quality working environment all are seen to be smart goals as they can all be seen as achievable and specific goals set by

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