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I would like to participate in the SEAP program because I am passionate about engineering. I am completely absorbed with learning everything and anything related to STEM studies. My love of engineering and science intensified during my high school years due to my favorite classes like AP Chemistry and Principles of Engineering. Chemistry is undoubtedly the most challenging class my school has to offer. Nevertheless, every topic peaks my interest. Everything from the kinetics of second order decomposition reactions to the electromotive force of the redox reactions in a voltaic cell. I soon discovered my interest to work in a lab setting from this class. I aspire to be part of this program to further my knowledge of the laboratory, including new procedures and …show more content…

I enjoyed my week there, learning about computer engineering and the jobs surrounding the profession. During the week we learned about raspberry pi's, genetic algorithms, A.I., circuitry, etc. The possibilities were endless, while it lasted. I also gained insight on the lives of the army engineers and scientists that taught the program. The SEAP program would provide me with a deeper understanding of the engineering world and the army jobs that could branch out from the SEAP program. My future plans include getting accepted into the A. James Clark School of Engineering honors program at the University of Maryland, College Park. In order to make this a reality, I studied daily in preparation for the SATs, taking the initiative by applying for different scholarships, taking challenging classes and involving myself in extracurriculars to shape myself into a well-rounded candidate. Being accepted into the SEAP program would be another valuable step forward in making that goal a reality. As an impressionable young man, I would desire nothing more than to work alongside the mentors of this program, learning all I can from

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