S Most Powerful Leadership Principle: How To Become A Servant Leader By James C. Hunter

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After reading over the book entitled, “The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle—How to Become a Servant Leader”, by James C. Hunter, I have learned that in order to lead one must serve. This book has provided me with the necessary principles needed to assist me as a Senior Executive Director at the UCF Community Care Center (UCCC). I like how the author specifically states that his book is not a way to teach one how to lead, rather it provides one with the path to take to be an effective leader. The book has assisted me the last few months in making a positive difference in the organization, especially being newly employed here at UCCC. My new employment here at UCCC has allowed me to have the character that one can know to respect, and has allowed me to slowly build authority, not through only…show more content…
There are so many businesses that have such high turnaround due to unhappy employees. Unhappy employees will eventually affect business profitability in the long term. Leaders must be equipped to connect with their employees. There are so many resources available to assist in meeting those tough challenges as a leader, such as a wide range of personalities and multiple departments. I have learned that along with leadership there needs to be rules and regulations in place, because without an organized company employees will not feel secure in their work environment. When I started at UCCC I quickly noticed that many things were out of place, the front office was a mess, many of the employees had not had their evaluations completed, and in addition, the office staff had conflict between the front office and the back office. I immediately set out to make sure the front office was cleaned up. My first priority is to ensure that confidential papers were off the floor and filed away. I then set out to ensure that employee evaluations were completed. I contracted the financials to an outside company, as the prior

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