Rorschach Good or Evil?

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In Alan Moore’s comic book “Watchmen” the author uses many references and allusions to various works of literature to help add a whole new dimension to the analysis of the characters and themes of the work for readers. Moore draws from these references to show that he is highly educated and has a certain expectation for his readership. Even if the reader is not well read, the cited quotes at the end of each passage provide an opportunity for the reader to educated themselves.
The first literary reference is the title of Chapter 5, which is called “Fearful Symmetry” which comes from the William Blake’s poem “The Tyger”. The poem itself is not cited until the end of the chapter, but not the whole poem, so in order for the reader to understand the importance of the reference, one must read the poem, and understand the interpretation behind it. The last two stanzas of poem are most important to understanding the meaning: “…When the stars threw down their spears/And watered heaven with their tears/Did he smile his work to see/Did he who made the Lamb make thee/ Tyger! Tyger! burning ...

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