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  • V for Vendetta by Alan Moore

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    V for Vendetta is a rather graphic novel written by Alan Moore in the late 1980's. The novel takes place in an alternate-reality; one in which Britain is ruled by a fascist government rules over Britain, and the rest of the world is believed to be in ruins due to nuclear war. The main protagonist/villain, depending on your viewpoint, of the story is a man simply called "V", He is a mysterious man and a self-described anarchist who survived a government experiment of a compound called Batch 5. Although

  • Alan Moore: The Father of Comic Books

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    Vendetta. An author and artist of renowned recognition and admiration wrote both masterpieces. At first Alan Moore began his career as an artist for a detective story called Roscoe Moscow in 1979. (Camper, 1997-2008) He drew under the name Curt Vile, but eventually gave it up because he thought of himself as poor artist (Camper, 1997-2008). He focused more on writing from there on out. Moore began writing for DC Comics to begin his author career. There he began Marvelman (known as Miracleman in

  • Character Analysis Of V For Vendetta By Alan Moore

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    V for Vendetta, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, is set in a dystopian and post-apocalyptic United Kingdom, preceding after a devastating nuclear war that occurred in 1980s. The protagonist, V, a vigilante donned in a Guy Fawkes mask, was imprisoned at Larkhill Resettlement Camp and was tortured to be apart in a medical experiment, conducted by Dr. Delia Surridge. With the exception of V, the other four test subjects involved died, but as a result of the experiment, V developed

  • Troubled Pasts In Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchman

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    In Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchman, we are introduced to a character that has had a troubled past that has led to a troubled present. Rorschach as a child walked into see his mother with one of her John’s which caused trauma to him as a child. Over his life he never really discussed what he had encounter which led to the violent out breaks that he has now. If Rorschach would have had someone to talk about things that happened to him he could have saved himself for the life that he is living

  • The Last Laugh: A Look into Moore and Gibbons’ Characterization of The Comedian

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    Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel Watchmen is unconventional in the comic book genre, because it was the first to veer away from the simplistic plot of superheroes with superpowers in a fictional world and lean more towards a complex narrative of multiple characters that are more “human than super” in a realistic setting (Moore, “Mindscape”). The authors cover the dark issues of rape, war, and violence in Watchmen’s world where the characters’ lives soon end in their own demise. The most

  • Watchmen, A Comic Book

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    graphic novel that transcends this undue criticism of comic books. It is, “One of the first instances ... of [a] new kind of comic book ... a first phase of development, the transition of the superhero from fantasy to literature." (Klock, pgs. 25-26) Alan Moore’s story offers an immersive and complex plot that raises all sorts of moral questions. It is an extraordinary work of literature that occupies a well deserved spot on TIME’s list of 100 Greatest Novels. Since Watchmen’s publication, many more

  • Literary Criticism In Alan Moore's V For Vendetta

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    Bonnie Crabb Humanities 340 Rough Draft Literary Criticism Can you imagine walking where the streets are dark and cold with no glimmer of excitement and joy as security cameras watch your every move? Alan Moore certainly could. In fact, he felt he was living in such a place. He saw 1980s England as a fascist society where the lower class were being oppressed. In Moore’s graphic novel, V for Vendetta, he depicts that point in history through the story of future London under the Norsefire Regime. History

  • Super Heroes In Dr Suhatman

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    Watchmen Essay: Dr Manhattan Throughout Watchmen by Alan Moore we are presented with the theme of breaking down the effectiveness of super heroes. Showing the world that super heroes, who are depicted as bearers of all things good and true, would not be feasible. These heroes are given authority over common mortals while remaining unwatched, which can have far more detrimental affects on society than a society without “super heroes”. Even the most prized person in spandex would too, like common

  • Evey Hammond as a Revolutionary in V for Vendetta

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    Alan Moore's graphic novel V for Vendetta is not only a call for revolution, but also an explanation of how such process should materialize. V, who transcends beyond a character and embodies the concept of revolution, establishes the procedure for social change. He understands that his role is to avenge and “make rubble” of injustice and corruption; however, true social reform must move beyond destruction and forge an improved society on the ruins of an oppressed past. Therefore, V adopts Evey Hammond

  • Heroism in Watchmen

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    graphic novel Watchmen, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons establish their story during the Cold War period, when a group of superheroes tackle the task to save humanity from a potential World War III caused by tensions among governmental powers. Managed by the intelligence of Adrian Veidt, the worst was avoided after the attack of alien forces causes the death of millions of New Yorkers that leads to a temporary world peace. The representations of the Watchmen superheroes of Moore and Gibbons, particularly