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Watchmen Essay: Dr Manhattan
Throughout Watchmen by Alan Moore we are presented with the theme of breaking down the effectiveness of super heroes. Showing the world that super heroes, who are depicted as bearers of all things good and true, would not be feasible. These heroes are given authority over common mortals while remaining unwatched, which can have far more detrimental affects on society than a society without “super heroes”. Even the most prized person in spandex would too, like common mortals, present moral lapse and cognitive dissonance between what society wants them to do and personal ambition. Alan Moore shows this dubious morality of the most divine character in this graphic novel. Dr. Manhattan, a man turned into an omniscient being shows disconnect between the world and himself. Within the short essay entitled Dr.Manhattan: Super-powers and the superpowers, we see the flaws in allowing heroes to remain unwatched; to do as they please without the consequence of your average human. This helps exemplify the deconstruction of the political superhero. These flaws include dehumanizing of Dr. Manhattan in making him the United States of America’s nuclear deterrent, that Dr.Manhattan is not the Vitruvian Man; a perfect specimen, as society makes him out to be, and the fact that a “God Exists and he’s American” (Dr.Manhattan: Super-powers and the superpowers.II). This essay amplifies the theme of breaking down the effectiveness of super heroes, just as Moore sought to do.

In the race to become the world’s greatest superpower, the USSR and America develop the “Weapon to End Wars” (Dr.Manhattan: Super-powers and the superpowers.I); The Atomic Bomb. In the case of America, they have also developed an “Omnipotence-by-Assoc...

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...thetic Dr.Manhattan. This novel breaks the commonly portrayed political superhero stereotype by showing that even the most divine being, given the power to do anything he pleases, would rather sit around and watch the world be destroyed before intervening and changing the future for the greater good of mankind.

Alan Moore successfully breaks down the effectiveness of superheroes portrayed in your average comic book with his use of Dr.Manhattan:Super-powers and the superpowers inside his graphic novel Watchmen. Dr.Manhattan is made out to be less than divine. The American’s “placing our superhuman benefactor in the position of a walking nuclear deterrent”(Dr.Manhattan:Super-powers and the superpowers.II), depicting him as the Vitruvian Man and having a God present among mere mortals all lead to Moore being able to break down the common conceptions about superheroes.

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