Ronald Williams: The End Of A Bad Break Up

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Ronald Williams stood at the front door of a former girlfriend. He cannot believe she had forgiven him over a bad break up these past five years. The girl had taken the highschool breakup hard, and she was soon homeschooled. He had never seen or heard from her, until now.
Ron had never went to college. The twenty year-old took over his father’s car dealership. He had a comfy life and a steady relationship with a beautiful woman. His life was perfect, and now a former girlfriend wanted to mend her ways.
His finger pressed the buzzer. He waited. And he waited. The gentle worried when hearing a loud thump and groan. The uncomfortable noise soon faded, when someone open the door. It was the girl he had dated years ago. She fits the small dress well since she had lost the weight. The once mangled black hair, was kept brush. Her skin seem to be nearly flawless, except for the scar around her cheek resulted from the breakup.
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Williams.” She spoke sweetly. Her manners changed over the years. ‘Maybe she was sent to a boarding school instead of being homeschool, he thought before smiling at her. She allowed him into her home. He found her home to be neat, a little too neat. Every picture was equally distances from each other. Her walls had a theme, yet they were still clippings of magazine ads.
“I rarely go out.” She responds when she noticed his attention was at the wall. Ron glanced away and allowed his attention back to the petite female. “I…” He said clearing his voice, “I want to thank you for inviting me in your little home. It has been a while since I last saw

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