Persuasive Essay: A Dream Meant To Be

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A Dream Meant To Be Belle, a thirteen year old French girl lived at an orphanage in Troyes, France. She had lived there since she was only three years old since both her parents died from severe illness. Ever since she was a little child, Belle had one dream, and it was to become a professional ballerina for the Paris Opera Ballet Company. Dancing helped her express her feelings, whether they were feelings of joy, anger, or happiness. She woke up at 6:00 am one morning to the sounds of loud banging on the door, but she was used to it as that was just her morning alarm. She got out of bed and changed into her baggy, worn-out red dress that didn’t fit her right anymore. She then made her bed, making sure to keep the crisp white sheets straight…show more content…
After everything that happened today from schoolwork to chores, Belle was exhausted, and just as she was about to fall into a deep sleep, she hears a whisper in her ears. Startled, she turns around and sees Agenor standing at her bed, with a twinkle in his eye. Smiling, he said “I think tonight’s the night, Belle! I have a plan, and it ought to work!”. Belle’s face lights up as she jumps out her uncomfy bed and puts on her brown leather dress shoes. Belle and Agenor slowly sneak down stairs making sure not to make even the slightest sound. They exit through the back door, where there weren’t any alarms. There was a large metal fence connected by wires that served to prevent the orphans from sneaking out. Agenor and Belle climb up the fence, and just as they were about to jump off of it, Ms. Sophie, the head of the orphanage, comes running out of the building with a black leather belt in her hands, ready to whip the kids, but before she could climb up the fence, Belle and Agenor jumped off the fence. A feeling of accomplishment hits Belle, she looks at Agenor, and they give each other a smirk. They run off to a train station not too far from where they…show more content…
A spotlight flashes down on the stage revealing the tiny figure of a beautiful ballerina in a pink leotard and tutu, it was Belle. She had her long, yellow hair up in a neat bun and was in 1st position. “The Blue Danube” starts playing and Belle starts dancing gracefully. The dance was full of emotion, which made the Head very impressed. When Belle’s dance finished, she took a moment to thank him for giving her the opportunity to dance in the place of her dreams, and even though this may be her last day here, on that stage, she will forever be grateful for him. The head was very flattered, and he felt like Belle deseved an opportunity to show them what she’s capable of, the academy also looks for the most gifted dancers. After thinking very thoroughly about the next decision he was going to make, he clapped, with a bright smile on his face. “Belle, you are a very talented young girl, and I’m sure you know that. I’d be a fool to not let you take part in this duet, especially after seeing what you really are capable of
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