Ann's Case

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Dear Colleague Since I know that you will be seeing Ann, I thought that I should send you some information, which I already know from the previous contacts that I had with her, and which I think will be helpful to you and to the therapy in general. I saw Ann with the request of her mother, June, which was a patient of mine a couple years ago. At that time she had some continuing fears and erratic emotions, and also she had problems with alcoholism. I saw Ann also, for a brief period of family therapy, and we had one session as well few years ago - after the death of June's husband. And now, after a couple of years, June was very worried because her daughter's behaviors were very similar to those of her that she had in the past. Ann is the first child of the family, and in fact, according to her, she was the reason why her parents got married in the first place. She says that her father always blamed her for his misery, but on the other hand, her mother was carrying and loving. But this relationship lasted only until she was two years old, when her sister was born, because than her mother turned all her attention and love to the newborn. But these family conflicts increased even more with the birth of the third child. So Ann (as she says) lost completely the attention and love she was seeking for. Ann had problems in her college and she had to drop out of some semesters because of these problems. She never had real friends. She wasn't isolated, she had contacts with her peers, especially when they shared drugs, but she never had a true friendship. She would become very close to her roommate, but than after a short time, she would be disappointed in her friends. She had serious problems with drugs, she had a period of life-threatening anorexia, and she also had an abortion after a two-months pregnancy. And now she has returned from the University with her boyfriend, who is a young English professor at the University. Ann had some problems in her new relationship, but at these circumstances she would threaten to break off the romance, or she would even hurt herself, because in this way he would come back to her.
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