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Romeo Dallaire, is the author of The Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children, and he states,
“It may seem unimaginable to you that child soldiers exist and yet the reality for many rebel gang leaders, and even state governments, is that there is no more complete end-to-end weapon system in the inventory of war machines than the child soldier… Man has created the ultimate cheap, expendable, yet sophisticated human weapon at the expense of humanity’s own future: its children.”
There are many conflicts around the world but Romeo decided to focus his attention on child soldiers and how the process happens. Child soldiers approached Romeo Dallaire during the year of 1994 when the genocide was taking place in Rwanda. This book demonstrates that children are soldiers when they shoot, but when they get hurt or killed they are children again. He has made many efforts to end child soldiers, and within this book he provides the overview of child soldiers. He believes that no child should have to live that type of lifestyle because they are children and they have every right to be a kid. In this novel, They Fight like Soldiers, They Die like Children, and he focuses on the idea of the rebels and then drifts off into the beginning stages of the process of child soldiers. Another novel called, Children at War by P.W.Singer, has several stories that child soldiers have written, for example a boy that is age fourteen wrote,
“ I joined the Army when I was fourteen because, one, I was persuaded that the only way to get my parents back or to stop that from happening was to be apart of the Army and kill those people who were responsible for killing my parents. But, you see, the thing that is very disturbing about this thing is that once I joine...

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...t they are easy to access; they are low cost, and easy to manipulate. When children are on the battlefield fighting for their lives, they become more violent and tend to do more killing than usual, raping girls, and torturing others. The armies, militia, and rebel groups recruit the children and separate the community to resist the conscription. The child is being forced to commit murder and turn against their family and friends because this proves that the child is recognized and implicated in the violence they have created. Child soldiers are known to be criminals, traitors, or even terrorists, so they would be held in military prisons. When either girl or boys are captured they go through abusive interrogation procedure, torture, isolations, rape, and death threats. These are the consequences of children being on the battlefield and shortly after being captured.

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