Robotic Surgeries: The Future Of Robots And The Future

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Have you ever heard the phrase that robots are taking over the world? Well it seems like this unimaginable concept is becoming a reality. Robots are moving to the surgery table and there is no going back to the good old traditional surgery procedures, where the surgeons perform the operation on their own by hand. Gone are those unsteady hands and comes those metallic hands that are here to stay. Robotic surgeries are the latest trend in the surgical department these days. The first surgical robot to be approved for operation and deemed safe to use is the Da Vinci and was in the market in 1999 (source).The Da Vinci is used while the surgeon is seated comfortably at a computer console, viewing a 3-D image of the surgical field. The surgeon's fingers grasp the masters on the computer console and while viewing the surgical field through the Da Vinci Systems high resolution, three dimensional image display, the surgeon manipulates and guides Da Vinci's computer assisted robotic arms and instruments. There are other surgical robots that can perform the operation but the Da Vinci is the fi...
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