Robotics in the Medical Field

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The medical field has revolutionized the health and well being of society. Throughout the decades, the medical field has been through sweeping changes that leave society astonished. It seems like each year that passes by, there is a new technological advancement that modernizes the medical field. Not only do these advancements modernize medicine, but they in return aid doctors, nurses, and specialists by improving their effectiveness within the field. About ten years ago, the da Vinci Surgical System was introduced to hospitals and the medical field, in general because the FDA had finally approved the system within the United States (Dunkin). The da Vinci Surgical System, also known basically as robotic surgery, introduced the use of a surgical robot, which is operated by the doctor himself using a controlled manipulator (Declan et al.). Prior to the invention of robot-assisted surgeries, most surgeons simply did a typical laparoscopic surgery on a patient. Laparoscopic surgery is “a type of surgery performed through several small incisions, rather than one (or more) large ones as in standard "open" surgery” (Schmitz). Through the development of superior technology, such as the surgical robot; it brought about changes that effected doctors, patients, and the medical world.

A robot-assisted surgery demonstrates how far America and the whole world have come in means of technology within a particular working field. The necessity for a more superior technology within hospital settings are best supported by the development of the da Vinci Surgical System. In 1991, when the surgical system was introduced to the globe, many acknowledged that this system improved three different aspects of regular laparoscopic surgery: it gave doctor...

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...y within a medical setting has stepped away from the shadows and into a brighter future with the development of the da Vinci Surgical System in the medical world. Before the surgical robot, doctors or surgeons would have had to make several incisions to their patient’s body, which would cause the patients recovery to be elongated and possibly painful. The da Vinci Surgical System allows surgeons to make smaller, less visible incisions to the patient’s body and have a better precision during the procedure. Throughout several years, surgeons relied on their typical laparoscopic surgery to be able to provide patients with the procedures that required them to make large incisions through the patient’s abdomen. Nowadays, surgeons and their patients can have a sigh of relief because the surgical robot provides surgeons with the precision that they long strived for.

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