(Medical Assistance Technician- Automated) : A Healthcare Robot

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(Medical Assistance Technician- Automated)
The Medical Assistance Technician- Automated is a Robot that is produced by U.S. Robots to help to alleviate overload, and supplement medical practices. In today’s world we have reached a point of civilization where free, or at least affordable, healthcare is a necessity for all. With the addition of The Medical Assistance Technician- Automated or Mat to any private doctors and or to public hospitals Mat will be able to bring down costs of medicine greatly. Why is this you might ask? The reason being the both doctors and nurses are paid a significant amount of money to do their job, which is right as they have a lot of education, experience and stress. With Mat, however, you don’t need to pay him anything and he doesn’t need a break. Thus, if you replace doctors and nurses with Mat’s you will no longer need to play for as many employees, this will intern make healthcare affordable for all with little no pesky government intervention. In short if you want an affordable health care plan with all the bells and whistles that you are already accustomed to, Mat is your man.
However you may be asking yourself how can one type of robot do the entire task required of both a nurse and a doctor? Well the short answer is it can’t, that would be impossible for anyone or anything to do. As a result U.S. Robots has created three models of Mat that can be used in varying ways. The basic model is the M.A.T-A1 or Mat 1. The Mat 1 is your standard with no real special features and with a basic brain. This robot is capable of everything that a RN is able to do, however it does it faster and more accurately. We then move on to the M.A.T-A2 or Mat 2. The Mat 2 is more like a doctor then a nurse capable...

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... Namely as a doctor you need people skills and compassion you can’t have a robot just simply say “Hello Mr. Smith my scanner reads that you have cancer and that it is terminal you have 3 months.” You need someone who can feel empathy for another human being who knows what it is like to life jump up and smack them in the face. Another problem that it could have is if a patient who is terminal tells a doctor to let him die. The Mat would cause a conflict between the first and second laws of robotics. The robot must obey the order of the human who is either requesting euthanasia or is refusing medical treatment but by doing so they would break the first law which does not allow them to harm a human either directly or indirectly. So there are in fact some issues with M.A.T.-A but there is still a considerable benefit to their implication throughout the medical field.
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