The Importance Of Biomechanical Engineering

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There are various types of engineering that make the world the way it is. The engineering field is a huge necessity to the world. The field provides a sense of infrastructure and stability to anywhere and everywhere, and without engineers, the world would pretty much fall apart. Lots of people assume that engineering only has to deal with the environment and the external structures that make up where we live, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Other types of engineering include the makeup of the body, and the function of the specific internal organs. This is when we land on the field of biomechanics. The purpose of biomechanics is to study the function and the movement of the human body. This engineering field is very important because…show more content…
Biology is the science of life, the mechanics deals with the design and production of machinery, and Engineering is the application of science and math to real life problems. Biomechanical engineering is mechanical engineering applied to biological systems. Using the combination of the scientific principles of biology, mechanics, and engineering, new advances in the healthcare field have been possible. Some of these advances include fabricating human tissue, improving the biomechanics of hearing with things like hearing aids, and robotics technology. The principle of biology is used because biomechanical is all about the body and fixing health problems that occur within it. Biology is very important for biomechanics, because without it, a biomechanical engineer wouldn’t be able to incorporate mechanical technologies to the body to help fix it. The principle of mechanical engineering is used because while you have to have an understanding of the body, you also have to understand the ways you can fix and improve it. The mechanical part of biomechanical engineering has to do with the technology that is improving the body and that machinery can be artificial devices that replace body parts, or machines for diagnosing medical…show more content…
Biomechanical engineering is driven by needs similar to those of biomedical engineering. There is always a constant need to improve medical equipment while keeping it cost efficient. These are the two main needs for all biomedical engineers. Biomechanical engineering is specifically dedicated to applying the scientific of knowledge mechanical systems and engineering to biology and the human body. One of the many needs that drives this biomedical subfield is society’s need for more advanced equipment and machinery. Some recent advances show this need. In the last decade, biomechanical engineers have invented and innovated new robots and machines that can assist a surgeon in surgery or serve as an artificial liver. These machines satisfy the need to improve and innovate new equipment that can save lives and improve how people in the medical field perform their
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