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The early life of Robert Boyle very much resembled that of other scholars of the time. He was born January 25, 1627 in a city called Lismore. Lismore was part of County Waterford in Ireland. His family was very wealthy. This wealth played a role in the later life of Boyle as “he often noted that his great wealth freed him from the need to pursue chemistry for economic gain.” (Sargent) His dad bought the Earl’s Castle in Cork which made him the Earl of Cork. However, this title was short-lived, as the property was soon recovered by Irish Noblemen. It was then that the Boyle family decided it was time to move to England. For this reason, Boyle’s nationality is considered both Irish and English. In England, he became a student at Eton, where he carried out his education until he was eleven. Age eleven was when he began getting tutored by Robert Carew, an Irishman, like Boyle. He continued tutoring with Carew for three years, after which he switched to a French tutor and went to visit Italy in 1641. Where in Italy would he go, you may wonder. Florence, of course, the hub of the Renaissance movement in Italy. In Florence, he observed Galileo. Boyle developed a connection with Galileo, as Boyle held firm Christian views and Galileo had a strong belief in the words of the Bible. In addition to sharing religious views, …show more content…

This invention may be as simple as having a large tank of air, with a large wall that moves down along the air, creating a smaller pocket for the air, forcing the air out of a small exit opposite the moving wall, and finally creating a concentrated force of air; however, the effects of this invention had on the Renaissance are not so simple. The air pump has been used in products ranging from bellows for fires to the vacuum. Perhaps the most noteworthy to science of the inventions listed in the previous sentence was created by Boyle himself. This invention is the

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