Human Individualism

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The beliefs of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Galileo on the Bible are similar in some aspects, but mostly different from one another. Martin Luther and John Calvin are somewhat similar in their belief that faith alone is the key to salvation. Galileo, however was a scientist, and his views on the Bible differ from those of Calvin and Luther. Since Galileo was not a theologian, most of his writing is not about God and the Bible, but it is about science. Though their writings are very different, Calvin, Luther, and Galileo all speak about the subject of human individualism. Their views of human individualism differ from one another, and arise from different circumstances. Each of these three men’s writings contain their beliefs on human individualism and how it relates to the individual’s relationship with God.
Martin Luther’s views on human individualism come from his rebellion against the Catholic Church. Since Luther stressed the idea that salvation comes through faith alone, priests and other clergymen of the church are not necessary, according to Luther. One of the ways that Luther describes becoming a Christian is the distinction between the physical nature and the spiritual nature. Physical nature is an outward, or old man. In contrast, the spiritual nature is a new man, or the soul (9). Luther uses II Cor. 4:16 to describe this process which says, “Though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed every day.” This change of heart and nature that Luther describes is done solely by the individual with the help of the Holy Spirit. According to Luther’s writing, the most important aspect of human individualism is an individual’s faith and character. An individual’s character, according to Luther, is de...

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...gave him or her. For Galileo, it is good for an individual to have faith, but it is more important for an individual to separate his or her faith from logic, and understand all viewpoints before making any hypothesis to avoid being foolish. Although these three viewpoints are vastly different, they all seem to arrive at the same conclusion. The conclusion is that the importance of an individual is his or her development as a human being. The most important things the individual does is strive to become the best person they can be, and use the time they are given for the right reasons. The changing may be the individual’s own change of heart, God’s change of heart for them, or by their logic and reasoning. Each of these three men had different opinions, but they all knew that an individual’s relationship with God is the most important relationship he or she can have.
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