Riordan Manufacturing Case

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2156 words

Executive Summary

Riordan Manufacturing “is a plastics manufacturer employing 550 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million.” (Riordan, 2004) The company headquarters is located in San Jose, California and production sites within Pontiac, Michigan and Albany, Georgia. The Michigan location is responsible for the injection molding process, creating of dies, custom fabrication, design and coloring of plastics. The Georgia site creates unique plastic bottles as specified by the customer.

Riordan expanded their production and design of electric fans to an overseas operation plant that partnered with Hangzhou, China. Plastic polymers are purchased locally and melted/injected into molds that creates the individual plastic parts.

The company’s customers consist of appliance, automotive parts and aircraft manufacturers along with beverage makers, healthcare services and the Department of Defense. Customer demands increased the demand for a larger production of plastics and as a recognized Fortune 1000 enterprise; Riordan requires to stay competitive in a constantly changing business by use of the latest technology.

The current supply chain process in place is not efficient to the Riordan Manufacturing Company. The main problem is no communication between departments, factories, and suppliers, which is causing abundance of wasted man hours and over production of products. The goal is to provide communication between departments, factories, and suppliers; thus creating an efficient and effective way of meeting customer expectations and reduce product waste.

Recommendations based on analysis require updating the supply chain management, creation of local area network, wide area network and connection of an extranet system that would communicate between departments and suppliers. The network would have department specific login and information based on the functionality of the site. Improving the communication is a way suppliers could see specific requirements based on sales. Sales department would have instant knowledge of the amount of merchandise available to the customers and an instant inventory system showing completion of products stored in the warehouse.

Selection and set-up of the network is necessary to the success of this project. A Client/Server network is needed to implement through a TCP/IP protocol. Each site functions as a local area network linked together as a wide area network. Users having access to the system can exchange information instantly.

Current inventory and manufacturing process would improve by updating the current supply chain system. Supply chain management “is the control of the supply process from the supplier, manufacturer, inventory, sales and customer. Supply chain management oversees the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished inventory.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that riordan manufacturing is on the cutting edge of dynamic plastic injection molding and needs to create an effective and efficient computer system utilization that will expedite the processes between each department and employee.
  • Analyzes how riordan manufacturing's problems stem from poor planning, lack of global schematics, and limiting the usability of a global network.
  • Argues that riordan manufacturing's current inventory control system has too much room for human error as most of the data entry at the beginning is done manually.
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