Riordan Manufacturing Case Study

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The implementation phase of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the most perplexing and crucial part of the project. Riordan Manufacturing has carefully chosen the stakeholders to ensure implementation of the Human Resources system. Going forward, a decision needs to be made in regards to what departments get the system installed first to last. The first group to use this new HR system will be the Information Technology department, followed by Human Resources. Going in this order will be the most strategic in gaining acceptance and will also train the IT folks how to use it so they can support it the end users. Lastly the remaining departments will have the software pushed to the workstations, one group at a time. The first stage of the implementation process is the coding phase. Before this process begins, it’s crucial that all of the key features are taken into consideration by the stakeholders to assure appropriate functionality of the new system for Riordan. Each module developed for the new system directly impacts the functionality for the …show more content…

Much of this phase is outlined in the user support plan provided by the team which, “addresses such issues as how users will be able to find help once the information system has become integrated into the organization. The development team should consider a multitude of support mechanisms and modes of delivery.” (Valacich, J. S., George, J. F., & Hoffer, J. A. (2012) pg. 323 para. 1). This phase also includes the debugging of the system and answering change requests made by users to increase the functionality of the system and to further suit the target user’s needs and requirements. This is generally provided as either an online support forum or a help desk number that the user contacts with their

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