Ring Leader Short Story

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The Story “Ring leader,” was about the trials and crises that Kruz faced in her life. Kusz’s story presented examples of the impact for a person to find his/her own identity. With her unusual upbringing, Kusz found her own way of personal expression, a nose piercing. According to Kusz her childhood was not the easiest. “The fact is, grew up ugly-no, worse than that, I grew up unusual, that unforgivable sin among youth” (Kusz, 2001).She never felt as though she was good enough by society’s standards. Due to a dog attack when she was young, Kusz had one eye , and facial scars. “Thus if you added my oversized body to the disfigured face, and add again my families low income and my secondary wardrobe, you have a formula for pure, excruciating teenage angst” …show more content…

I have now, after all, deliberately chosen a facial flaw, a remarkable aspect of appearance” (Kusz, 2001). She likes the ring, it makes her unique, and gives people a reason to look at her. “I’ve invited it, I’ve made room for it, and it is no longer inflicted upon me against my will “(Kusz, 2001).The ring for Zusz, is her sign of liberation from a conforming society. A chance to be herself and feel good about it. As a result, Kusz didn’t conform to her way of living, until she accepted herself for who she was. Once she accepted her flaws for what they were, a uniqueness about her. Her Ring was no different, it was her way of letting herself be alright with who she was and how she looked. Kusz didn’t want to let her personal appearance hinder the life she wanted. She embraced her own beauty by allowing a flaw to be placed upon her face. Zusz believed in going after what you want, even if no one else wants the

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  • Opines that kusz felt out of place in her professional life.
  • Opines that they felt judged by them. they found themselves incapable of understanding the nature of cul-de-
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