McDonald's: Providing Value to Customers

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Organization The following essay illustrates how value is provided to customers within the organization. By utilizing stakeholders, organizational policies, and specific strategies, McDonald’s works towards constantly innovating its service and product. A. Stakeholders The first and most important stakeholders for McDonald’s are its customers. The importance placed on consumers is demonstrated by the company’s mission statement “To be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink” (McDonald’s, 2013). The organization allows the consumer’s experience to be the center of all its business practices. The key to their customer service policy is providing excellent food at a great value in a clean and friendly setting (McDonald’s, 2013). The fast food giant provides its customers with fast and convenient service by utilizing drive through windows. The “Dollar Menu and More” is a value menu that offers consumers lower priced food items with prices ranging from $1.00 to $5.00 (Wong, 2013). McDonald’s popularity among consumers is due in part to its conveniently located stores and strong brand name (Spenner, 2013). Additionally, McDonald’s provides value to consumers by consistently bringing new items to its menu such as specialty coffee drinks (McDonald’s Corporation, 2012). The implementation of new healthy salads, fruits and carrot sticks into the McDonald’s menu has been brought on by the increase in health conscious consumers. The company also strives to adapt its food offerings to local flavors in order to customize menu options for consumers (Mourdoukoutas, 2012). In recent years, several locations have begun remodeling their store with leather seats, wooden tables, and by offering free Wi-Fi (Forbes, 2011). ... ... middle of paper ... ...smourdoukoutas/2012/04/20/mcdonalds-winning-strategy-at-home-and-abroad/ Spenner, P. (2013). Brand Growth Lessons from McDonald’s. Forbes. Retrieved from Taylor, M. (2012). Burger King Test-Drives Delivery Service. NBC News. Retrieved from Trefis Team, (2011). Billion-Dollar Wood-And-Pleather Makeover Coming To A McDonald’s Near You. Forbes. Retrieved from Wong, V. (2013). McDonald’s New ‘Dollar Menu’ Goes Up to $5. Bloomberg Business Week: Companies & Industries. Retrieved from

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