Rhetorical Analysis Of Bill Clinton's Immigrant Threatens American Culture

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In “Immigrant Benefits America”, Bill Clinton emphasizes the importance of immigrants in America. They are hardworking people who come to America to have a better life. He also asserts that American citizens have the responsibility to welcome new immigrants while immigrants have the duty to learn American culture and language, believe in the US government, and contribute to US society. However, Lawrence Auster delivers a different idea in his essay, “Immigration Threatens American Culture.” He points out that the negative effect of mass immigrants from non-European countries. Because of the difference in culture, language, and religion, these immigrant groups rather stay within their communities than socializing with others in US. This shatters…show more content…
Clinton expresses his idea of the essay with a neutral, objective tone. Indeed, he shows what happened to immigrants as the victims of “suspicion and violence and discrimination” by mentioning the incidents in the history of America such as “No dog or Irish,” “Chinese were barred from entering the country,” “Southern and Eastern European were forced to take literacy tests specifically” (Clinton, par. 6). Using the parallel structure in the paragraph “So great was,” “So profound was,” Clinton wants to emphasize the fact that American government has made ridiculous mistakes about immigrants in the past. Furthermore, the opposite words is used for each incidents in order to create the sarcastic mood and mainly to make fun of the “American with suspicion” (Clinton, par. 6). Next, Clinton uses “we” from time to time so as to appeal the common sense among the readers, especially US citizens. “We must decide,” “We must remember,” “We should treat” is used with the specific action as a proposal to join with the president of the United States to solve the immigrants issue. The author successfully build the strong connection between him and the audience because he makes them more important when they are involving in the national great

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