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In the section, “Ethical Issues,” from the article, “Genetic Testing,” NYU Langone Medical Center uses logos, ethos and pathos to aide in conveying the ethical issues that arise because of genetic testing. The author mainly uses logos to support their purpose because it allows the author to efficiently demonstrate his knowledge on the topic. One example of logos is found in page 6, where the author references Chloe’s law to provide a solution to an ethical issue that arose because of genetic testing (Genetic Testing 6). In this case, a family was able to pass a law to help give positive information to those families that were “terminating pregnancies because of a Down Syndrome diagnosis” (Genetic Testing 6). In addition, the author includes a trial on the effect …show more content…

NYU Langone Medical Center also includes some ethos to add credibility to the facts and evidence listed. They include real life experiences like the one of Chloe Kondrich and George Doe to prove trustworthiness of the stories narrated. The usage of Chloe’s story is effective because she was born with Down Syndrome and knows how genetic testing can create ethical issues (Genetic Testing 6). Also, the story of George Doe, “a stem cell and reproductive biologist”(Genetic Testing 7), shows how genetic testing can creates issues within a family. George Doe was a person who experienced the disadvantages of genetic testing on his personal family. Additionally, the author uses agencies in authority to create trustworthiness. The author uses the status of the U.S. government and the Food and Drug Administration to prove that the information given is accurate and true (Genetic Testing 7). Although the medical center did not need any additional credibility, the fact that they included other experiences and authorities increases the trustworthiness of the

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